Naija Hair Can Grow; GIveaway Result and the Natural Hair Meet Update

Its the 1st of July, that means the time has come for me to announce the winner of this blog's first ever GIVEAWAY!! The winner will be getting the NO MORE RECEDING HAIR STARTER KIT featured HERE.

But before I announce the lucky winner, I'd like to inform you all that after reading all the different entries, I had to change my criteria for picking a winner which was originally picking the most inspiring comment because all the comments were very inspiring and picking a choice was hard so you will see how I found a winner below...Trying to create some suspense up in here!!!LOL

So before I announce the winner I just want to share my experience at the Naturals in the City meet up I told you guys about in my last post. Yesterday was a very rainy day here in Lagos but I was not about to let the rain dampen my plans to go for the meet up, So at about 3pm I got to the venue and was there in time for the first speaker who had started her talk on retaining length, most of the things she said I have stated here and am well aware but it was still useful to know what I am doing for my hair is working for other people too. They had a very funny compere!! She cracked me up big time with her interesting side comments and facial expressions.

Then there was the second speaker who honestly I didn't gain much from. She was talking about how to survive a visit at the salon. I was a bit confused when she got up and spoke in a thick British accent telling us she was a stylist in the UK!!! The first thing that came to my mind was 'ah ah how can you compare a visit to a Naija salon to that of a salon in the UK'. We are worlds apart, so to say the least, her info was a bit of a let down for me but since I don't visit salons except to profile them, I won't take it to heart.

There was a short break which I used to peruse the different hair stalls they had selling different hair and beauty products. This was by far the best bit of my time there!! I was excited to see all the natural products and had to control myself not to buy a whole lot of products especially those I can find in the US because I'll be making a trip there very soon. So with out much ado, let me share my goodies with you all;

FROM NATURAL NIGERIAN; I got some Bentonite Clay for N1400 and 100 Percent Premium Cocoa Butter for N400 (you need to smell this stuff, it smells like chocolate!!so yum, I licked some to see if it will taste like it, bad idea!!)

FROM SCREWY HAIRED GIRL; I got her Peppy Peppermint Butter for N800 made from some Shea butter and essential oils, anything minty gets my attention

Finally I got BLACK CASTOR OIL for N1750 from SIZZLING MOMMY

Then they also handed out a freebie Whipped Shea butter from Kinky Apothecary- LOVE IT!!!Been using it every chance I get since yesterday, it contains that yummy cocoa butter I mentioned earlier;
Packaged Cutely

With a note in it listing all the yummy goodness in it;

Well that's all I got, The final sessions were on skin and nutrition, they got professionals to handle that segment and they did a terrific job, I learnt a lot about every thing skin/ nutrition related. I think the funniest thing that happened then was how a particular lady there kept asking about how to ADD weight while everyone was focused on loosing weight, she went on about how in her quest to be fat she eats fried everything yet she is still skinny; I felt like showing her my Uni pics, I was always the skinny one from child hood, see me now!LOL, when the fat comes you will start begging it to go!!

Anyways, at about half past 5pm, I decided to head on home and on my way out, who did I see getting her hair done, one of my readers African Naturalista!! Yay!! We chatted a little and then I bounced...All together a very well put together event and atmosphere, keep it up Meet Up crew...

Now to my Giveaway, so I decided to write out all those with entries who qualified to enter the giveaway;

Then I tore and wrapped each name;

I tossed the names around raffle draw style and then picked one;


ENIGMA!!!!!! Here's her comment;Hello Dabs, i follow your blog and i also liked you on Facebook. I read alot of hair blogs but i always come back to yours because: I enjoy the fresh angle you bring to your topics,your hair is "gawjus", you are crazy about your hair just as i am. 

But most importantly, the styles you do with your hair are off-the hook. 

I am your regular pony-tail girl aka pack your hair but your blog has inspired me to try styles i see in Mags and even on T.V. All i can say is i'm getting there.

More power to your elbow.

Thanks Enigma, I will be hitting up your email so we can arrange how I can get the gift to you and to all who entered thanks again, I plan on making giveaways a regular feature here so stay tuned, you might have a shot next time!!I encourage all other readers to take part too next time!!

Thanks for stopping by,




  1. I wish I was there o...Try out the cocoa butter please and share any recipes you come up with. Plus Screwy hair butter is really great on the hair and the Kinkyapothecary butter is awesome for the dry/harmattan seasons. I have very little now sha so I use is small-small; make e no finish:)Good buys Dabs.

  2. YAY i won!!!, thanx Dabs. Expecting your mail.

  3. Hi Dabs, still expecting your email... please ensure that you use the right email addy. I know that "allchisti" can easily be

    Thank you

  4. Its a lie!!!!!! I did not win? This is mega ojoro. You must be probed. We must set up a committee to probe you in this very serious matter. Kai. E dey pain me ooo.

    It was really nice seeing you and your mami water hair in person. lol

    You did a nice review. The second speaker was screwy haired girl naa, not the british lady. You forgot to mention her educative presentation?

    I also love the fragrance of that free kinky apothecary stuff.

    1. Maybe I came late but yeah Screwy haired girl was good.


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