Friday, 15 May 2015


How's everyone doing? Hope well...I promised to put up this post as I love reviewing different celebrity hairstyles after major red carpet lets get straight into it!!

The Hairstyle I was most blown away with was obviously this amazing HUGE braided do by Janelle Monae!!

Gosh she always knows how to work a braid doesn't she...year after year after year!! I can't get enough but personally I'd have switched things a little bit at the MET to match this year's theme- CHINA THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS...Nothing about this hairstyle reflects the theme...

But you know who did her homework thoroughly?!!!

My girl Rihanna!!!

Wasn't this absolutely beautiful and apt!!! Loved that this hair style plus the hair piece matched the theme and I've always loved this shade of red on Riri out of the colors she has experimented with, I also loved the simple make up and nude lips!! 

My next Fav has to be Selena Gomez!!

The white calla lilys used as a head piece real or not just gave her this fresh and clean look!! I didn't bother searching for what the back looked like but I must say this is an absolutely gorgeous way to sprush up a boring ponytail!! LOVE IT!!

My next fav was Solange!! Her hair style was really chic!! Just a plain strong blunt ponytail....I will put up a tutorial of me recreating this hair style using expressions extensions...can't wait to share my trick...stay tuned!!

My next fav was someone who always gets it right in the hair style dept!! Jessica Alba!!

From her hair to her makeup to her accessories, she just bronzed up real good!! GORG!!

My Final fav because her hair was just drool looked like it just felt soooo soft and smelt sooo good is Jennifer Lawrence!! Just Yummy!!

She just looks like a doll!! Adorable!!


I have to start with Queen B as she is called by her over the top fans (If you are one, please pardon me but I have to say it like I mean it Wendy style at this very moment)- Her hair was what I will term---hair bleaching GONE WRONG!!

It looks like the color job was done that evening as they tried to match her hair with the weave....her hair looks so tightly pulled up together that the base of the ponytail looks like the hair there will just be breaking off as the night passes...this is even a nice picture, some pics I saw up close her hair looks soooo damaged...we might have another Naomi on our hands if she is not careful...girl ask Solange what she is doing to her own hair and lay off the bleach a little!! Her make up was clean and gorg though!!

Another major diva whose hair just left me bleh has to be JLO!!

It just looked BORING!! Like she was in a hurry after dressing up and decided to just brush her hair to the back and leave the house! Maybe she didn't know the theme of the night!!

My final not so fav look was this Ice queen scary ''dare to look into her eyes'' look by Sarah Jessica Parker-

 She loves a good statement head piece which is cool and this one actually suited the theme but the entire look with the way her eyes just look like they can pierce into your soul makes her just look plain old scary to me!!

And with that I am done!! Enjoyed talking about something else other than the Salon Day Out on the 7th of June at Oriental Hotel for a change (See how I shamelessly plugged that in?lol ) It's going to be lots of fun people so please prepare to come in your numbers!!

Thanks for the continued support!


Monday, 11 May 2015

FAQ'S About the upcoming SALON DAY OUT!!

There was good lighting in my room, the kids were downstairs, hubby was still at I decided it was the perfect time to record an FAQ video for You tube answering all the questions I have been asked about this year's salon Day Out...

I answer the following Questions;
Is the Salon Day Out just for salons?
Is entry free?
Is the hall bigger?
What should we expects at this year's event?
What's the Battle of the Hairlistas about?

Watch and enjoy :)

Have a blessed week!


Saturday, 9 May 2015


How's everyone doing? Hope well, been a busy past week for your home girl but I still found time to deal with my new growth and get a touch up!!

I texlaxed at 11 and a half weeks after I started noticing unnecessary shedding, I used Creme of Nature Argan oil relaxer for the first time ever because I was out of stock of my darling Silk Elements relaxer...

I proceeded to section my hair as usual and coated the mid/shaft to ends with water/glycerin spritz and oils, then touched up my new growth, stuck with the half/half method from my last update...I also added grape seed oil to my relaxer to slow down the processing they say (seems to work)-

After I was done, I decided to do a henna mask treatment (Extra strength);

Allowed my hair to air dry and I was very happy with the results, my ends have also made a nice come back, thicker and very textured just the way I like it-

Close up of my ends

I did all this at the hub...but when I got home, I started craving straighter hair to get a better understanding of what my length is and so I could get a trim, so I straightened my hair with just 1 PASS- I promise :)

My ends now pass line 5!!

Soooo I retained an entire inch and some change!! My ends were on no 4 as at the last time I texlaxed by the time I was done trimming-

FEB 2015

My nape hair that has been quite famous with that pic of my hair all broken off making rounds on instagram has fully recovered;

looking good!.
P.S That pic taught me a valuable lesson of water marking my pictures but stillll I am lazy about getting the app but shout out to all those that tagged me and went 'That's Dabs hair!', Well Dab's hair is back people, please post these pics :) LOL!!

Finally I trimmed my ends, for some areas it was like a 1 inch cut (no more scraggly ends);

 Pin curled my hair to give it some volume, flat irons just make everything so flat! 

And the next day for work, I let the curls down and was left with nice shinny, bouncy hair (wish I could have good hair days like this everyday)

And that's all people!!! Want to hear the FULL STORY about how I have overcome sooo many set backs in my hair journey??? Then come for the Salon Day Out on the 7th of June, its a Sunday and we will be at Oriental Hotel....Its going to be serious fun learning....I have a FAQ vid coming up next on all the questions I've been asked about this year's salon day out, so watch it when I post it, spread the word and be blessed!! LOL


Friday, 1 May 2015


So as promised, I am here to disclose the full plans we have for this year's Salon Day Out!! Below is a brief bulletin of what we will be up to! Its going to be a full day of activities with hair/beauty vendors setting up shop from 11am at Oriental Hotel on Sunday the 7th of June.

By 12pm the HAIR JOURNEY SERIES starts- come with all the questions you can possibly have about being on a hair journey, the panel is knowledgeable and seasoned!!

By 2pm The HAIR PROS SHOWCASE starts, come and see Kemi Lewis of KL'S NATURALS effortlessly create a natural updo, Dupe of TASALAHQ create an edgy cut and color, Patrick of PATRICK'S BEAUTY ZONE create bouncy blow dried to perfection curls and The stylists at SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB demonstrate our famed instant faux locs innovation ALL LIVE ON STAGE!!

BY 4pm THE BATTLE OF THE HAIRLISTAS competition sponsored by Design Essentials will take place...The winning team of participants stand to EACH win over N25,000 worth of products from Design Essentials and a cash prize to be disclosed soon sponsored by Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub ( As a teaser, the cash prize is NOT IN NAIRA  *wide grin*:)-

To Participate, all you need do is be in Lagos and be someone who is into taking care/creative of/with your hair- simply a Hairlista!! Contact me via email- with the subject- ''I WANT TO BATTLE'' between now and the 20th of May so we can gather everyone into the two groups and give out the tasks....don't mind the use of the word 'battle', this is going to be the most FUN BATTLE in the history of Mankind as there will be no losers and everyone stands to gain something!!! 

Please go through the Bulletin, save the date and spread the word!! NHCG IS 5 YEARS OLD by June and I want to celebrate with a bang!!!

P.S As mentioned in the bulletin, to enter the venue you will pay N500 and that will give you a voucher worth N500 which you can use to buy something (hint hint* Our shea butter cups) from the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub Experience Booth which will be packed with a variety of products, so while its not a free to attend event, the access fee of N500 will give you something in return, if you get my drift!!!

For all inquiries about this event please email me or call 08090613325...if you are a vendor of hair/beauty products or you know anyone trying to reach their target audience, please contact me...last year we had over 150 attendees so this year what say we double that amount?!!! Counting on you all to make this a fun event!! Thanks for the support!!


Monday, 27 April 2015


Hope everyone is well!! Gathered a few of my products to make a hair spritz tonight and thought it would be a helpful post to put here goes. When your hair is seeking moisture, your go to remedy should always be water but sometimes water is just not enough as it evaporates easily, so what a moisturizing hair spritz does is, it helps infuse lasting moisture into your hair strands with water and other emollient based ingredients(aloe vera gel and a leave in conditioner) and nutrient packed oils.

So here's the line up for my moisturizing hair spritz-

The first step is to add drinking/sterilized water to a spray bottle( the water has to be rid of bacteria so your spritz doesn't start to go bad and form mold).

Next step is to add your oils, I added a cap full of Jamaican black Castor oil and Avocado oil;

Then I added Aloe Vera gel, a generous amount as I want the spritz to be very moisturizing but not more than the water which should make up 75% of the spritz;

Finally I added a leave in conditioning cream of my choice- mine was Namaste Organic's Avocado and coconut leave in, did a REVIEW of this product earlier in the year. It has a thicker consistency and perfect for diluting into a spritz. You can use a regular conditioner too as I've seen people use VO5 conditioners but I'd rather stick to a leave in.

Once I was done, I shook the bottle vigorously and my spritz was ready!!

The consistency should be a milky liquid consistency, there should be no lumps or grainy feeling (depending on what products you use that can happen), the spritz should also be easy to discharge from the spray gun, if you find that its getting stuck, add more drinking water.

I love a good hair spritz because I find that it comes in very handy when you are on the go, you can just spritz your ends or left out hair in the morning as you hurry for work and keep it moving...should it replace moisturizing and sealing or LOCing? Absolutely not but for in between daily care, it should do the job.


P.S In other news, the date for the 2015 Salon Day Out has been set for Sunday, the 7th of JUNE at Oriental Hotel!!! On May the 1st I will unveil EVERYTHING I have planned for this year's event...look out for that post, its going to be JUICY!!

P.P.S I single handedly cut a pixie cut today at my salon....YIKES!!! No not my own hair!! It was my stylist's hair...she bleached it and it was just so damaged, I took one good look at her and said to myself, how can this lady be advising people on hair care with hair like this? Eh!! So I called her, showed her a picture of the intending style and said, let me cut your hair...she was so excited and plopped herself on the chair and I cut it!!

I think I did a good job considering how nervous I was and how I don't have formal training...I used a cutting technique I learnt off You tube  where you cut with angles using your middle and index fingers as a guide and it worked :) Now all I need is more practice....who is next? :)))

Have a great week people!!


Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I list a few of my favorite hair and beauty products for the month of April....I will be doing monthly update videos, so enjoy :)


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Product review- ORS Monoi Oil anti- breakage leave in conditioner with Omega 3 & 6

So as I promised on instagram, here's a review of this leave in conditioner I tried last month. First of I have to say that I love how responsive hair brands have been to the whole natural/ healthy hair movement in the US. A friend of mine was just complaining how she doesn't see half of these products I talk about in the UK and her options are always very limited whereas in the US the reverse is the case....there's all these new products pooping up from hair brands who have done their research and are dedicated to the healthy hair cause...anyways, ORS is one of such brands, this their Monoi oil range of products are their latest I think and most improved in my opinion.

Most of the products in the range are available at SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB

This leave in has; Aqua(water), canola oil, glycerin, coconut oil, coco seed butter, aloe Vera juice! olive fruit oil...

* I just list out the oils and natural ingredients, it has a bunch of other chemicals and cones but NO MINERAL OIL.

Our rich penetrating leave in formula features healthy omega 3 and 6 plus antioxidants to protect hair from breakage and protein loss caused by dialing styling, promoting strong, long beautiful hair.

I found this leave in to be quite heavy and very similar to the Cantu Shea butter leave in even in scent. So I did what I usually do with heavier leave-in's, I diluted it!!

Just a little of it with some water and oil of my choice in a spray bottle (shake shake shake)...and it works great!! What I particularly love about the product is that it leaves my hair feeling stronger just like a good protein moisturizer does. This means that I don't have to use it daily as too much of protein is bad so I use it every 3 days, using other non protein moisturizers in between and leaving it to work its magic...and so far so good!!

Will I purchase this again? Absolutely!! It's in a generous 16 oz bottle, affordable like Cantu, works and smells great!!

That's all for my review, as usual if you live in Nigeria and you'd like to purchase any products I review, please follow the link provided above under the picture, call Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub 08090613325 or email

Start gearing up for the 2015 SALON DAY OUT in June people!!! Lots of fun stuff planned for the day!! Can't wait!!