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Sunday, 21 September 2014


So I am back again!!!! Here to announce the awoof I have been on about in my last few posts! This time next week Sunday, I will be rounding up a GARDEN PARTY with about 18 of your favorite hair/beauty/lifestyle bloggers.........*exciteeeeed*!

 Its actually in celebration of the third edition of the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Magazine!!! The fun part is that each blogger gets to bring along 1 of their readers as a + 1!!! Soooooo whose coming with me?!!

The hard part for me is that I have met quite a few of you and we have become friends so I was battling calling up a few of you and saying just come but to be fair to my other bloggers I've decided to stick to the rules and pick someone via the blog....To be my plus 1 you simply need to tell me the FULL NAMES of ALL the beautiful ladies that have covered the three editions of Savvy and Chic Magazine!!! *GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND*

To be eligible though, you have to be in Lagos, you MUST wear the strict dress code for the party which are Florals; Here's some inspiration for ya!!

You must be above 18 years old and able to find your way to the party venue....its going to be a very chill gathering, don't expect anything crazy, just a bunch of like minded bloggers and readers meeting each other, munching away, sipping chilled cocktails talking about like minded stuff like hair, in general!!

Bloggers we are expecting include; Natural Nigerian, Kemi Lewis of KL Naturals, Sisiyemmie, Doyin-Chloes Makeover, Adaku of TWP, Stella of Stella's Addiction, Yagazemi, Berry Dakara, Ozinna-Style, Jennifer- Editor BN Style/Beauty, Barbara of Babara1923, Nibi of Kinky Apothecary, Ez of Beauty in Lagos, Uzo of Don't touch my hair,...and quite a few more that you will get to see when the pictures come out. 

I am truly looking forward to hosting everybody, if you'd like to hang with us, follow the rules and a random winner will be picked by Wednesday, 24th Sept. 

Good Luck!! Have a blessed week everyone!!


Saturday, 20 September 2014


How's everyone doing? Hope well. I have quite a busy week ahead and tasked myself to churn out all the posts that have been waiting on my memo pad by the weekend then this happened yesterday;

 My Instafam have already seen this picture, this fully wired PHCN pole(here the electricity officials had taken out the wires) was hit by a trailer and fell unannounced in front of my office gate seconds after my car drove into the gate...I'm talking like 5 seconds, if for any reason we paused at the gate, this pole would had fallen on the car, crushed and most likely electrocuted me and my driver....the thought of how God saved my life left me all shaken up and recoiled from my busy life all day yesterday...because at the end of the day NOTHING else would have mattered if I was in a hospital fighting for my life this moment.

Sometimes these types of things happen so God gets our attention and reminds us that He is the ONLY reason why we are still here, we must commit our ways to Him  and pray for direction always. I am beyond thankful to say the least...

Now to this post, I mentioned that I ordered a wig from a company called RPG SHOW , it is the Beyonce inspired bob wig-

Well it finally got here and I recorded a video on You Tube of the unboxing;

VIDEO LINK (Blogger is not finding the video so I have to put up this link, just click and watch).

For those who can't watch, here are a few pictures of the wig as I got it;

Then I dyed it because the color was too jolting for me;
I used Dark and Lovely's radiant cooper dye and Loreal's color mousse;

Applied both...

It looked brownish when wet...

Dried out redish...

Final results...

To blend the lace with my hair line, I used a concealer on the hair part. The wig is light weight, lace is not itchy, hair feels great...What more could I ask for!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Announcing the Awoof tomorrow so stay tuned people!!


Thursday, 18 September 2014


How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I have been slacking big time with my reviews, I have over 5 products waiting in line to be reviewed and without further ado, I am starting with this hair mask co-owned by the owner of the Nail Bar (Abuja)- Ameerah Abraham.

She sent the mask as well as an organic shampoo bar made of Neem and Tea Tree oil to the Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub and I decided to try the mask out. The brand name is BAHIYAH ORGANICS so as expected, these products are chemical free, no parabens, no sulphates, no mineral oil, no artificial colors or preservatives which is GREAT!!!

For the Mask, the ingredients listed are;  Shea Butter, Avocado Butter, Peppermint Oil, Jojoba oil, Honey and Lavender oil- That's it!

The instructions say to apply mask after shampooing, let it sit for 15/20 minutes under a conditioning cap and then rinse but since I like to break rules (lol), I used this mask the way I use all deep conditioners, applied it on dry hair, coated my ends with oils and allowed it to do its magic...

An hour later, I rinsed it off and was left with really great feeling hair, since my hair is freshly texlaxed, I can't exactly say that the mask is responsible for the manageability of my hair but I will say that it definitely helped.

It's called a moisture mask and I must applaud Ameerah for specifying that because most times when people want hair treatments  they get confused; 'Am I getting a protein treatment or a moisture treatment?'. If more products specified what they are actually for like this mask, then people will not be so confused and the tricky challenge of maintaining protein and moisture levels for our hair will be sorted!! Seeing as this product has Avocado butter and honey( a humectant which attracts moisture from the atmosphere to our hair), they are bang on in labeling it a deep moisture hair mask!!

Do I recommend It? YES!!

Where to get it;
The Nail Bar- 26 Monrovia Street,
Off Aminu Kano Crescent
Wuse II,

Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub
34A Awolowo Road,

How Much? N4000.

That's all for now ladies, expect a post from me tomorrow and next tommorow and next next tomorrow!! Till you'll get tired of me :)

Thanks for Stopping By!!


Monday, 15 September 2014


How's everyone doing? Hope well...It's been a while since I put up a Be Inspired post, and when I got these two mails, I thought they'd be good inspiration for ladies just starting out their hair journey...The road to healthy longer hair is paved with bountiful doses of PATIENCE and if you do what you need to do to care for your hair and allow it get restored from inside out...changes will definitely take place as is evident with these ladies below! Make sure to take pictures along the way and preferably get a length check T-shirt to track all the wonderful changes to your hair as they begin to take place!!

 She wrote...
Dabsssss!! Happy Sunday! Thanks for yesterday. The girls were good to me.
I am playing surulere in my head as I write this.
After my hair was straightened yesterday, just before I was supposed to trim it, I harassed Dewunmi (Savvy& Chic Stylist) into taking a picture of my hair and I was shocked at the progress so far. So I ran home and brought out my length check t-shirt for the first time this year. Find attached my pictures. Tell me what you see because I don't believe it!!


SOLUM'S HAIR- She Wrote...

Though I now follow many blogs(yours still included)/google etc, I decided to give you this credit because you were my first. My hair is doing so much better. My sister's and my mum's too. Everytime I put a picture of my hair progress on my dp, comments keep flowing in. I don't know how many people I've given your blog address to,they must be up to thirty now. You gotta pay me oh. 

Sometimes I think I've not made so much progress that maybe perhaps I'm imagining it. So I always have to send the pictures to my fiance to judge if it's my imagination. 

Three best things :-co-washing,washing in braids and wigging. Co-washing has been amaaazing to my hair. Washing my hair in braids,which I learnt from is very convenient and is the easiest way to minimize tangles,you should try it. Wigging is God's gift to me. Convenient, Convenient! Been doing it for 3 months now. Did a trim in July, was sad but I felt I needed it since I spent 2 months of the beginning of my hair journey fumbling. And it paid off. Inversion method too! 

The pic in white was July, after the trim, the one in black was Saturday, after my latest texlax and the difference is clear!!! Thank you! 


Great job ladies...the progress is visible and can only get better, thanks for the updates and I can't wait to read more testimonials like this!!

That's all for now, Im going to be putting up an AWOOF post this week, ladies in Lagos that like to have a good time stay tuned for that post. Have a great week people!!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


How's everyone doing! Hope well!
I'm here with my third texlax update of the year, I texlaxed my hair on Thursday last week at 14 weeks and 4 days. And though it went well, I have decided to stick to stretching to 14 weeks max until I fully transition to texlaxed hair...yes ladies my hair has been transitioning since 2012 when I started purposely texlaxing and I'm just realizing it NOW after seeing this post texlax shot of my hair;


Upon close examination, you can see a clear difference between the texture of my hair till line 3 where my texlaxed hair stops and my hair below line 3 to line 9 where it stops and which is bone straight!! I finally after being sooo puzzled for so long figured out what's been happening to my nape hair after seeing this picture....the hair in my nape area is fully texlaxed as the relaxed ends fell off I'm guessing due to the disparity in texture and the stress on the point of demarcation between bone straight hair and texlaxed hair and the other sections of my hair have taken longer to break off...I have a picture clearly buttressing the nape hair (inverted V) situation I just explained but I will put it up later when I am completely texlaxed.

I used my beloved silk elements relaxer which just processed my hair right, I only used 20 minutes from start to finish, followed my texlax with a trim, trimmed off at least an inch and I intend on trimming little by little till all bone straight ends are gone.

 I also went in and trimmed the texlaxed shorter bits so the tips are split end free, then on Friday, I did the weekend treat which I coined the HENNANITE hair mask;

 I added the Bahiya Organics hair mask to my mix(review coming up) and went under the heutiful steamer at the hub. It was there I debated for quite a bit if I should go ahead and hack off all the relaxed bits and know I'm now fully texlaxed but since I promised self restraint this year, I decided to just trim off as I go along. 

All in all I liked my results, I also like that I have clarity now, that thinning I've been battling since 2012 has been explained and I can see the end in sight as I can't wait to have fully texlaxed scrumptious thick ends...though texlaxing can be tricky, I am getting the hang of it and my hair is pretty uniform from the roots until the bone straight ends...

My Post texlax texture shot, you can see my hair is not bone straight.

Unfortunately I've trimmed off the hair I retained but it's all for a good cause. 

Finally, if you are texlaxing now instead of relaxing bone straight and want to see how much of your hair is texlaxed versus how much is relaxed straight, take a picture of your hair when it's 80% dry and you will clearly see the difference! Also expect the bone straight hair to grow out or cut off as it gets weaker at the point of can decide to hack it off or trim as you go along like I've chosen to do. And remember, there is never any point in stretching your relaxer beyond the time your hair can take except you are going NATURAL- read this post HERE for signs your hair is done with a stretch because I'd hate for all that TLC you show your hair to go to waste because your hair suffered a setback from stretching too long. 

Who else Texlaxed their hair recently? How did it go?

As usual, thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dealing with single strand knots!

Hiya Ladies, 
How's everyone doing?! Hope well. 
The other day I was moisturizing the back of my hair and felt a single strand knot(SSK) and was reminded of one of those Saturdays at the hub, there must have been about 5 or 6 NHCG readers that day, we were just chatting on and on about HAIR!lol then a lady called Chinedu(hey girl,where have you been!) brought up the issue of single strand knots, she was like how crazy is it that a hair strand just decides it is going to knot itself into the tightest, smallest knot making untangling impossible and forcing you to cut it off! 

As crazy as that sounds, that's what our hair does!! The curlier the hair, the more prone to SSKs it is that's why naturalistas tend to be the main bearers of this cross. But we relaxed/texlaxed folk deal with it also especially like I said if your hair is curlier or more textured and that's why I've noticed them more in the back area of my hair which is the kinkier, curlier fully texlaxed part of my hair.

So how do we deal with these darn knots....well we have to know the main cause so we can avoid aiding and abetting(Lawyer lingo :)

Dryness/Friction- think of your hair like a sponge or towel fibers, the drier it is the more likely it is to curl/ scrunch up and just a little friction, from clothes, the air, your hands can make it curl up so much it just knots and tangles up- as much as I'm trying to reason through this explanation, I'm as confused as you probably are as to why the knots are so perfect...but try it, rub your hand against a towel that has threads sticking out, you'll see knots form after sometime and you didn't knot them, the dryness and friction did! 

So now we know the cause what can we do to prevent them;

SSK's usually happen around the last 4/3 inches of your hair strand so it will help if you take the extra pains to reapply a sealant like oils or Shea butter to those very ends especially if you are prone to dryness.

Avoid allowing your hair deal with any kind of friction like rubbing against clothes, leaving it out in rough air, hand in air syndrome( note to self), all these cause even more dryness that lead to SSKs.

Protect your hair while you sleep with a (Savvy Chic luxury satin sleep cap-*wide grin*). I think the fastest way to get SSK's is from sleeping! All the rubbing that takes place as you toss and turn on your regular cotton sheets without your hair covered will do you no good, by the morning, even if you moisturized and sealed before bedtime, your hair will be back to square 1- dry tangled hair! Especially if you sleep with air conditioning.

Finally, get your ends trimmed, those untrimmed mostly split ends are the biggest culprits for SSKs, I got an inch of my ends trimmed off yesterday to prevent SSKs because as I stated, once you get those knots, you have no choice but to cut your hair off at the knot and as tempting as it will be, please don't just snag them off with your fingers, use hair cutting shears and snip right above the knot.

With that this post is complete and will hopefully help those out there dealing with this issue, remember, the culprits are dryness and friction.

In other news, I texlaxed my hair and will be coming at you ladies with an update post tomorrow, I've had a major revelation and can't believe I'm just noticing it!! Have a great weekend ladies, for those in Lagos, stop by the hub let's gist hair and everything in between :), I'll be there for a few hours today!


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Most Personal Post!!

How's everyone doing? Hope well...
Lagosians, do you find that sitting in Lagos traffic can bring out all sorts of emotions from you?Well it's one of those mornings, I am stuck in traffic and with nothing else to do, I start to reflect...
If you don't like mushy stuff or can't be bothered about my personal life, you can skip now, if you'd like to know more, click READ MORE