If you like NOW Vegetable Glycerine you will love the one by AFRICAN NATURALISTAS.

How's it going? Hope well ladies! So the harmattan season is finally over, it's still hot here in Lagos but we are having a few showers here and there and are expecting more...now is the time to use glycerine especially if your hair is super dry and you need that extra moisture boost!

My trusty hair spritz of just glycerine and water which I use as a detangler for myself and at the salon has been a life saver since I started my hair journey so when I checked and saw that my big bottle of NOW vegetable glycerine had just very little left I panicked for a second then I remembered the little bottles of glycerine I've seen at Ebeanor supermarket in the skin care aisle....problem is those bottles are very small and I'm not sure where the glycerin is sourced from as glycerine can be plant based or animal based, read my post on glycerin HERE

Fast forward a few weeks later and I was at Naturals in the City and there on the African Naturalistas stall table sat decent sized bottles of VEGETABLE GLYCERINE boldly written! I've tried AN's products in the past and I can attest to their quality so it was a no brainer! Now I know where I'll be stocking up on vegetable glycerine.

The NOW vegetable glycerine which I buy is about 12 dollars that's about N3600 with our current exchange rate. The African Naturalistas glycerine costs N1700!! 
You guys thats like half the price!

Where to purchase- from their website- www.africannaturalistas.com/ourstore
Or call- 07061141501. I think they deliver nationwide.

DISCLAIMER- I was not in any way compensated for this post. This is purely an objective comparison. 

Stay tuned for more proudly made in Nigeria products that can easily substitute imported ones!

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