How's it going ladies! As most of you know I am presently in the US and one of the hair products I had on my mind to get when I got here is a staple product used by Jen of JUST GROW ALREADY, its the Smoothing SUPER SKINNY SERUM by Paul Mitchell!

I bought the 25ml bottle which is a really handy travel size of the product (didn't want to invest in a bigger size just in case I hated it), Hair Triggered my hair with a mix of a new conditioner that has been all the rave here too BIOSILK SILK THERAPY CONDITIONER (L.O.V.I.N.G. I.T);

Had the mix in my hair overnight and by the next morning I could not wait for my hair to air dry so I could straighten with the serum.

Oh on a side note, I lost so little hair for 15weeks post relaxer thanks to overnight deep conditioning with the mix!!

Anyways while my hair was air drying I applied a little of the serum from root to tip as I read that it tames frizz in reviews and my hair looked a little more tamed than usual...just a little :)

I went ahead to moisturize and seal my strands, used a little more of the serum(maybe too much) and then used my straightener which was set on the second to the lowest heat level(no hair barbecuing going on, thank you very much) and this was the result;

As you can see, the serum did a pretty good job taming my hair and making it look SKINNY, a bit too skinny for my liking so I bumped the ends to create some volume, one part of my hair remained far from skinny;MY ROOTS!!

But as usual that's ok with me...Here's are comparison pictures I posted on Instagram;

Not bad....It works as well as CHI Silk Infusion though and when I looked at the ingredients I wasn't too excited...a lot of chemical names including benzyl alcohol and parabens that I am sure a lot of pro-naturals will be saying a big no no to! But I will say this, this product is NOT for everyday use, at least not on my hair but if I am applying heat to my hair or I want to roller set with less frizz or I need to cut my styling time by half after a wash, a few pumps of this serum will surely not be that bad!

 I give this product a solid A, an A+ would have been awarded if I saw at least one or two natural oils like olive, grape seed or almond under the ingredient list (Paul get with the program! :)

Have any of you tried the PAUL MITCHELLE SMOOTHING SUPER SKINNY SERUM?!! Did you like it? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

In other news, I have missed blogging sooo much, in due season I will be back to my usual swing of things around here, sorry ladies who come here expecting a new post only to see the same old one, I know how that feels when I visit my fav blogs!! Don't worry Dabs will be back to hair blabbing in full force soon....welcome aboard if you are a new follower of the blog, any hair concerns? Feel free to mail me!!

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  1. I've never tried it but I always hear good things about this product. Love your hair, it looks gorgeous in the pictures! x

  2. Lovely results at the end dear.

  3. Nice. Don't forget to try out mixed chicks deep conditioner. You just might liie it as well. Well I hope you do :)

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I'll definitely give it a try :)

  4. Before my hair journey, this is the only serum I owned. I loved it back then when flat ironing but don't use it much now because my PJ ways has left me with a lot of other serums lol

    1. Haha@ PJ ways...happens to the best of us! Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Your hair is perfect.I have listen about such product but never see their result ever but instead i saw the people after getting laser hair growth treatment

  6. Anxiously waiting for the nxt import window.


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