How's everyone doing? Its been a while since I posted a NHCG 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE TIP!!! The challenge is still on, it ends in December...for more on the challenge please READ THIS POST...
Now to my TIP...I have been getting quite a number of mails from ladies who just started their hair journeys and most of the mails usually start or end with...''DAB'S MY HAIR IS NOT GROWING!!Its been 2months and I have not seen any improvement!!!''
My instant reaction is...2 months?!! 2months and you want all the years of neglect your hair has suffered to just magically be erased...then I start to wonder whether I have given off the wrong vibe here, the title of my blog is NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW...Not NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW TO YOUR BACK IN 2 WEEKS OR A MONTH OR A YEAR...
So this post is simply to say please darlings, lets manage our HAIRXPECTATIONS; A few things to reflect on when you get impatient with your hair;
Consider your starting point...my starting point was color damaged, over processed hair, yours could be a receding hair line and breakage around your nape, another lady can be starting from just short uneven hair...your starting point determines how long your journey to healthy hair takes because the ROOTS of your hair today are the ENDS of your hair a few years down the line...I have had to do quite a lot of cutting and trimming to get out the color treated, dead ends that were formerly my roots because of that, my sister who never colored her hair to the extent I did( she used henna and darker dyes, I went blonde, feeling like the Beyoncé of the family :) has not had to cut her hair to the extent that I have and as a result has longer hair...if you consider where you are starting from, you will be more realistic about your hairxpectations...
Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to hairxpectations...If you decide that you are going to simply ignore your hair in a weave or extensions or ignore the fact that a product you are using for your hair does NOTHING for it, please don't complain when months after your hair is looking no better. When you find a method/product that works for your hair, keep at it and your hair will surely start reporting...I always liken hair care to brushing your teeth; The reason your teeth is not decayed is not because you are using the most expensive tooth brush in town or the best toothpaste on the market or you have the best teeth genes....those all have their collective role to play but upon close consideration you will notice that the true reason for good teeth is the act of consistently brushing your teeth at least every morning....abandon your teeth for one month without brushing and no amount of good genes, great toothpaste or toothbrush will help you recover at least not instantly...so if you want your hair to meet your hairxpectations you have to consistently properly care for it...there are no short cuts on this one..sorry :)
Oh and ignorance is definitely  NOT bliss when it comes to your ends...if your ends need a trim, its better to let go of them by trimming them on your own terms than letting them split on their own terms...
Finally, know this...every journey has valleys and mountain tops on the way...don't let a small set back get you down, once you know how to care for your hair so you retain growth, its like swimming...you can never forget what to do even if you cut it all off today so focus on learning the skill than holding on to every inch...
Just so you know that my hair journey has been full of major Ups and Downs and Ups again, I compiled a few pictures for this post and even made my first 'slideshow movie'...watch and enjoy!!!

For those who can't watch...let me bombard your screen with the pictures...the Ups and Downs of Dab's hair...
2008-Before my hair journey, clumpy, greasy, very light shoulder blade hair...you'd never guess my hair had it in it to be long and full!!
 January 2011- exactly 1 year after starting my hair journey, things looking up, hair and hair line definitely fuller!!
April 2011- hair is gradually passing my collar bone...yippee!!
August 2011- getting fuller, can't say much for the length!
October 2011-trimmed my ends, was left with really healthy full hair!
November 2011-hair started to have length to compliment the body :)
April 2012- My hair is full Arm Pit Length here on its way to Bra Strap length, things are still looking UP :)
June 2012-Bra strap length!! Whoop Whoop!! but less than impressed when I actually take a look at my ends;
Uneven, thin and just sad looking :( such a DOWNER!!
September 2012-I press on hoping the ends will fill out(remember the inverted v saga!)

Got rid of the V!!


February 2013..the NHCG 6inches of growth begins...finally started tracking my length!
April 2013...making progress
Nape hair getting in the way though...so I cut off 3inches..another DOWNER!!

Stretched my relaxer for 15weeks and 4days( I relaxed my hair on Thursday...updates coming up :)
Gained back 2inches, fuller ends as the journey continues...
 As you can see ladies, things have not remained up nor down with my hair and I have learnt to go with the flow, I manage my hairxpectations by reminding myself that I have acquired a skill and that skill is knowing how to grow MY hair, I come here to share the tips that have worked for me in hopes that they will work for my Naija ladies because I did not formulate these tips, I learnt them from others and as you can see they have worked...might not be as fast as you want but  your hair will surely grow if you take care of it....from my time line, 'let me proffer a reasonable hairxpectation chart to guide beginners of hair journeys;
a month after starting off; Your scalp should start to feel healthy, your ends should get a good cut if you need one...
6 months after; Your hair should start feeling stronger, your ends will keep needing trims depending on how you started off but your scalp and roots should be healthy and fuller.
1 year after; You should notice a change in length at least 3inches after all the cuts and trims, your hair from root to mid shaft should be fuller and thicker than before.
18 months after; You should have mastered a hair regimen that works for your hair, products that work and your hair might still need more trims depending on your starting point.
 2 years after; You are well on your way to a successful hair journey, you may still suffer set backs(like I have done) , do the needful when that happens, retrace your steps, tweak your hair regimen, cut or trim but getting back should be no big deal for you now because you should know what works...your hair should be noticeably longer and fuller than ever before....
After 2 years; Its time to be bold and set hair goals for your hair like getting to BRA Strap length, Mid-back length and beyond...
That's my HAIRXPECTATION CHART for anyone who wants one as a guide... hope this post helps ladies...Don't give up after 2months of trying, don't go and chop off all your hair just because you are fed up, if you are chopping your hair off for another reason, that's fine but it should never be because you are fed up or you think all hope is lost for your hair...keep hope alive, master a hair regimen that works for you, visit this blog and other hair blogs for tips and you should be fine :)
In other news, expect a relaxer update from me soon but I will put up a Stretch with Dabs Last Lap post first to share a few things I did to manage the very thick new growth I had towards the end of my stretch...that's all for now(whew this was a long post!!)
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  1. These are very good tips, having realistic hair expectations is very important because you can easily frustrate yourself.

  2. I like the break down in expectations. Sometimes, we want to make up for lost times. It's not easy looking at other ladies who've achieved their goals and telling yourself you'll get there. The thing is, you WILL eventually get there if you believe, stay committed and let your faith guide you.

  3. I like this explanation ai it tallies with my thinking as hair expert. Check me in www.amazinglonghair.com

  4. Lovely post, like how you explained everything with pictures.

  5. Thanks a lot for this, I started my hair journey march this year, and I was the one that nagged about how my hair wasn't growing though I have good regimen.
    I guess I expected too much too soon, but I looked at my hair in the mirror yesterday, and I saw I was gaining the length I lost back, I also realized that the inches that shed were split dead end and what I have now is healthy hair, though I would need to trim my hair soon, since it is uneven.

    1. Awww I'm glad you are seeing progress. :)

  6. I really loved how you showed your journey and its ups and downs through pictures!

  7. wow i love dis post lyk d way u xplaind evrytin

  8. wow! what a visible progress. good job to you! I always recommend your blog to my relax friends and family. particularly Nigerians.


  9. Thank God I found ur blog!pls I want 2 start a hair journey pretty soon but I want u 2 give me a breakdown of hair products I can use for my breaking relaxed hair.thanks.

  10. Thanks for this, Dabs. Great advice and hope.


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