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If you have read my older blog posts, you will know about the breakage in the middle area of my hair which I continuously battle has always been a thing of mystery to me.

The thing is that when my hair was  average length before my hair journey I NEVER had any such breakage, my hair was pretty much the same length all round...

For those that have been around here for a while, you know I wrote a post called the THE INVERTED V SAGA!!
If you click on the link you will see how bad the V got and I had no choice but to cut 3 inches off of my hair and concoct a spritz that I thought would help with a painful vow to never let that happen again but slowly started to creep up and I had to get to the bottom of it...I had searched google high and low with no major break through until one casual day I was on YOU TUBE  and checked one of my favorite hair guru's channel- U LOVE MEGZ. I watched her relaxer update video and to my amazement, she too was going through the SAME INVERTED V PROBLEM!!!

Watch her explain the cause here and it makes sooooo much sense!!!

For those who cannot watch, she blamed the breakage on PONYTAILS/BUNS!! You know when your hair gets longer, usually the protective style of choice is a ponytail but the back hair cannot take that stress just like your edges, and though we are conscious of our edges we forget about the back- see arrow in picture below;
Now when you hold your hair in a pony tail/bun even with an ouchless ponytail holder, overtime hair around the ponytail can start to break off, but I feel it happens first at the back for me because my back hair is more coarse and much more drier than any other part of my hair so its tendency to break is much higher than any other part. 

After I heard what she said, I immediately held my hair in a ponytail and that exact place where the arrow is pointing at in the above picture is where the breakage occurs albeit much better than in the past but it can get worse if I don't take drastic measures.

So What's the Remedy?

As your hair grows longer, you need to avoid holding it tightly in ponytails. Ciara looks good in the picture below but trust me if that becomes her go to hair style, we'll have another Naomi on our hands!lol

Whether high or low, bunned or otherwise, avoid holding your hair like this as it gets longer....hold it loosely like the picture below;

It's simple to achieve, gently pull loose some hair at the back after you have packed it to release the tension around the ponytail holder so you avoid breakage. Sleek hard core pony tail's like Ciara's should be done as rarely as possible!

As for me I have totally stopped using ponytail holders and now use bobby pins;

They don't hold as tightly and I am already seeing the difference.

This bun below posted on instagram was held by  just one bobby pin!! I just loosly wrapped my ends in a bun and pinned the tips down.

 If you are experiencing any form of breakage, always step back and see what you might be doing that may be the culprit and research till you find a solution. Hopefully this is a permanent solution for the inverted V saga!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

PS. Updates coming up on the JUNE SALON DAY OUT ON THE 8TH OF JUNE!! A LUCKY LADY WILL LEAVE WITH A HUGE ADDITION TO HER HAIR JOURNEY!!!(yes I'm screaming because I am that excited!!!!!!!)- STAY TUNED!!



  1. Yaaaaaay! for the salon day out

  2. Thanks Dabs for this post! I have the same problem and it's been driving me crazy! Now I have the remedy, I pray it works. You're my hair inspiration!

  3. Hi Dabs. You're my hair mentor. ��.
    I'm definitely coming for NHCG salon day out. By God's grace. I'm about 8 weeks post relaxer and hope to relax my hair while I'm there. Also, although I haven't ordered, will I be able to buy products?

  4. So excited about the Salon day out will definitely be there,i need a trim and think it is a good time to see you do it so i can learn to do it myself.

  5. I've just realised I have this problem so thank you for this post!!

  6. This post is fun and good to read. Will recommend the bobby pins! (and your blog :-) )

  7. Hi Dabs, i have full relaxed and almost healthy hair but my scalp itches all the time, i cant seem to carry any hair-do for long..... im doing the big chop today anyway and hope to take care of my hair and scalp and go natural (God help me) . Please help me with tips to make my hair and scalp healthy. Thanks.

  8. This makes so much sense Dabs. I definitely need to stop relying on my high buns and ponytails so much x

  9. Plss dabs its me onyi,I sent you an email,pls reply.... I love this blog and I've learnt a lot from it thanks

  10. I only recently discovered that my pony tails were what was keeping my front hair at the same length which is just long enough to be firm held and the tension was breaking any length that I added. I'm hoping that I see the benefits of the change in my ponytail/buning habits at my next relaxer, just thought I'd share.

  11. Hi Dabs, I'm a new entrant to your blog. To be honest it's been very helpful. Im about to cut my unhealthy hair and start regrowing from the scratch and a friend recommended your blog.I would really appreciate a reply and some guidance. P.S: I've added ur blog to my bookmarks

  12. Thx ladies for your comments x
    @her majesty- please click the tag 'hair regimen', I have a post on how to build one. That post will help guide you.

  13. Omg. If ponytail is the "inverted v" hair villan I hv to find another easy-quick alternative style for my hair. My hair is always in a ponytail or bun. Thanks Dabs. Good job in your investigations and detective work. #nhcghaircriminalinvestigativeseries lol!

  14. Who knew a simple bun could be so troublesome. Great post!xx

  15. I have finally found ONE post that talks about this!!! THank you so much! I have struggled with this for so long and I was thinking "but i wear ponytails and buns to protect my hair!" i just cut it now again to even it out and now i finally understand what the root of the problem is. Thanks again! Love from Paris


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