How's everyone doing?! Who is gearing up for the June 8th Salon Day out?!! I for one am super excited and already locking down a variety of hair/beauty vendors so come ready to learn about not only hair but also beauty treats! As the month unfolds, I will keep you updated on plans.

In the mean time, it's time for some Hair Myth Squashing!! Read my heading, I'm sure I don't need to ask how many of you have heard and believed that hair myth because I for one was a culprit. Growing up, one of the warnings that came with relaxing your hair was, 'Don't wash it often oh, the relaxer will be washed off!'

And so we kept our hair till as long as 4 weeks sometimes under braids mostly to avoid washing it and stripping off the relaxer, when relaxer week came along, we were then warned, 'Don't even think of washing your hair a week to relax day, your hair will burn!!'

Now this post is here to set things straight! 

Fact 1- African hair(especially) thrives on MOISTURE! Moisture is water.I will reiterate the dry leaves analogy I have used in the past, if your hair is left dry, it breaks easier just like dry leaves-just a touch and they crumble!!

Fact 2- Once you apply any kind of chemical( relaxer, texturizer or hair dye) there's no going back. The hair altered has to GROW OUT before you can see any kind of reversion, so no, water will not revert your relaxed hair back to its natural state.

Fact 3- Except you have lesions or wounds on your scalp or it's generally sensitive, you can wash your hair a week to relax day and it will not burn on relax day especially if you moisturized and sealed all week long. Your hair is bound to get dirty, scalp pores bound to get clogged but if you want to be extra secure, base your scalp with petroleum jelly before you start the relax process. Make sure it's just your scalp, if it touches your new growth, prepare to have wasted your time because your hair will not process.

In closing, I cannot over emphasize the benefits of keeping your hair strands moist! You are not protective styling if your hair is in a weave for 5 weeks dry and thirsty or even if it's in a bun, dry and thirsty!! You might have as well done nothing to your hair and that is why I hardly use extensions or heat-please if you use them, so your hair doesn't suffer from dryness and falls off, have a spritz bottle handy- that's all you need really! Mix your water, few drops of glycerin, soothing oils like peppermint, tea tree oil of just light sealants like olive oil or grapeseed oil and spritz on your hair from root to tip daily. 

I've had twists on all week and that's all I've been doing,

 but since I used my own hair, I seal the very tips of the twists with whipped Shea butter from Savvy & Chic Hair beauty Hub and my hair feels great!!

So I challenge you to shake off this hair myth about water and start to depend more on water for healthy hair.

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In other news, the 2nd issue of the SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB MAGAZINE is OUT!!

This issue is tagged the DON'T BE CLUELESS EDITION and I can assure you that every page is worth a read!! It's going to be available in Salons and Spas (still looking for more distributors/agents-there are perks, holla at me if interested!!). For those who'd like a copy, the above name link, links directly to the website where you can purchase online, we will also be stocked at grocery stores like Ebeanor Supermarket, select news stands and Libraries nationwide!!

Again, thanks so much for your support ladies, you all inspire me!!

On a sadder note, our sad is the news about the 234 abducted girls!!!I went to boarding school and I can just imagine how unbelievably worrying it would have been if I and my school mates were  kidnapped from school with no word from our Kidnappers for 2 WEEKS!! It's just so sad, all we can do is pray and mount pressure on the powers that be...God is in control!!

On that note, be safe ladies!!

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  1. Those twists are lovely!!!! I love moisture based products but water only doesn't do much for my hair. I get rebound dryness.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy

  2. Gorgeous twists. I was always told not to put water on my hair often as it would 'dry out' and I believed this was true for song long! :|
    Great post Dabs x

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  4. I would really appreciate a response to my comment on your last post. Lovely twists

  5. Lovely twists you got Dabs and great post. I remember those days, my hair stylist will say "Don't wash your hair 2weeks to relaxer day, if not it will burn, Infact ensure the hair is very dirty". Lol. Naija "salonists" dey just know how to damage ones hair.
    Thank God for "hair gurus" like you, now I can see a BIG difference in my hair; health and length.
    Ladies, kindly check out my food blog for local and international recipes.

  6. Dabs,I just started my hair journey two weeks ago. I splurge on Saturdays and moisturise and seal twice a day. I've been experiencing shedding a lot and I don't know what to do. I have done tea rinse for twice. I try to fingercomb my hair at night since I have to use a proper comb in the morning to make my hair neat for work. I dont know what else to do to stop the shedding. Is it that the hair is trying to get used to the whole NHCG therapy or is something fundamentally wrong? .....SOLUM

  7. Moisture works wonders for black hair! When I was younger I could go to school without braiding so I let the water hit my hair in the shower and looking back, my hair was a lot healthier then I reached the careless teen stage and avoided wet hair at all costs (we can guess how that worked out)

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  9. very interesting article!
    hope your advice can help me with my severe hair loss.
    keep posting useful stuffs and advices.

  10. I really like this and the way you write. I never used to like putting water in my hair too but now my hair loves it!! .... once sealed with oil of course

  11. Nice!....Thanks a lot for the Info


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