Hi Ladies,
Been a minute...I sometimes miss the days when all I was was a preggy housewife, lounging at home and things have changed!!Oh well the only constant in life is change and I welcome this change...enough of my blabbing! Find below, the looks that caught my fancy from this year's MET Gala (you know I draw major hairstyle inspiration from this event, see my last year Met Gala Post - HERE

Sooo moving on to the looks;

SJP's updo was so big and so shinny/healthy looking that once I saw it, it grabbed my attention!!

Then the ever regal Ivanka Trump was just glorious in this beautiful updo wrapped around with a big braid (you know I LOVE my braids);

 Sticking with braids and such, I loved Gabrielle Union's flat twist do;- I shall recreate;

This look by Brie Larson- two small knots was simple and cute;

Resse Wither Spoon and Tina Garn blew me AWAY with their old Hollywood styled shinny bouncy but controlled faux bobs!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Reminded me of a faux bob I did for a wedding some time ago :)

Sorry I have tried to rotate it to no avail- I give up!!

RiRi's shaggy updo was also quite nice...

Finally I have to give the trophy to Janelle Monae- LOVEDDDD this look from Head to toe, felt like a really trendy spin on a Kenyan Warrior- Where my Kenyan Ladies at!! Janelle was ticked all the right boxes in my opinion, here she is- GBAM!!

So that's that for the MET Gala!!! Since we are talking about happenings in America, I am glad to announce to you my dear American readers that THERE IS A GIVEAWAY!!! An American online company called THE SALON OUTLET- website reached out to me and offered to give away $70 worth of products from their website to a lucky winner of a little competition I choose to host!!!

So the rules are;
You must be resident in the U.S.A
You must answer the following question correctly under the comment section;
"What date is the JUNE salon day out?'- All correct entries will be collated and a random selector will choose a winner!!

That simple...finally readers outside Naija can enjoy small awoof!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thanks to THE SALON OUTLET.COM for sponsoring this giveaway.

In other news this blog has hit over 1 million views!!!!!!! so much to be thankful for!! Thanks for all your support!!


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  1. i was sure i'll find hair- inspiration from the Met-Gala here, Not sure my hair length will allow me try this styles.but i'd love to see yours.
    Well done Dabs and Good luck to everyone

  2. June salon day out is on the 8th, 8th June,2014

  3. June salon day out is June 8th, 2014

  4. I absolutely love styling updos and faux bobs! I have been quite a hermit in the last few weeks so it's great to see these hairstyles here in your blog. I personally love SJPs upo and Reese Witherspoon's faux bob. Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing these! And my, what a nice giveaway!

  5. June Salon Day Out is on the 8th of June 2014

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