6 years of blogging 6 giveaways up for grabs!!

Yes I'm back again to bug you about the Salon Day Out!! My once a year go big or go home hair and beauty event!! This year makes six years since I started blogging about hair care and it truly has been a journey of self discovery, I am so thankful for all your support and to show my genuine appreciation, I will be giving out six gifts to six attendees whose ticket numbers I will be randomly picked at the event!!

Last year, at the event we had a hair quiz and those who answered the questions correctly won gifts, this year all it's takes is for you to attend!! No quiz, no nothing!!

We will however play a game to choose our six random winners, here's how it will work...During the event, the DJ will randomly play the song 'I am not my Hair' by India Arie at six different intervals, once you hear the song, look to the screen or projector as a number will pop up and if that number is the number on your wristband ticket, you are one of the lucky six winners, you will come forward and pick from the six boxes on stage!! Fun game right?!! I'm looking forward to playing it with you all!! 

Gifts will all be hair related,hair products,accessories from Savvy and Chic hair beauty hub, some vendors have also been kind enough to offer contributions to the giveaway!! The tickets cost just N1000 per person, kids under 12 enter for free...it is however advisable to leave kids at home, tickets will be available for purchase from Monday the 30th of May at the hub, 30. Norman Williams. St., you can call 08090613325, ticket will also be available at the event center- The Red Carpet Hall, Oniru on the event day.

Ladies, the countdown is on and I am so excited to meet you all!! Please make a date with me on the 5th of June, lots to learn and lots of fun to be had!!!! Have a blessed week!!!




  1. Awesomesauce sis and congrats to being in the game for so long! That's amazing.

    Jay | RelaxedThairapy.com

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  5. Nice work, Dabs! I'm transitioning and I've been greatly motivated by your posts. Keep up the awesome work!


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