Its the weekend and right now I have on my foil conditioning cap with some hair trigger and Silk Elements megasilk olive moisturizing treatment for my weekend treat;
Check back to find out how my hair feels after this treat but from the slip this moisturizing treatment had, my hair was already feeling conditioned before I put my cap on, it also helped that a little went a long way!
Anyways, While I was giving my hair the treat I started thinking about what to do with it when I washed the treat out and then I remembered that the MET BALL was just few weeks ago...the theme for the gala was PUNK and I saw a few pics from the event on Fashion Police and couldn't wait to take a closer look to see if I could recreat them on my hair...I have spent the last hour looking through the different websites with MET gala pictures and have settled for the looks I love the most and have a shot at recreating, Check them out;
First off is Amanda Seyfried; Very simple and sleek half up half down look with the ends twisted in the middle...couldn't find pics of the back but I can make it work.
Next is a similar but more interesting look by Blake Lively; LOVE this, especially the way strands of her hair hold the ends and form poofs!!

 UPDATE; Sunday came around and I recreated this Blake Lively look, below is my version;
This side braided/matted down look on Cara Delevigne is really down my ally...simple but different, you know I will be donning this look any Sunday from now :)
Jessica Alba must have been reading this blog *I wish* because she styled her hair in an updo with an inverted braid at the back just like this style  recreated from fashion week;

Her Take;
LOVED how Kelly Osborne styled her Updo, really big but sleek at the same time...and that color!!just love it...not on me though!!
Speaking of color...even if its just for 1 day, I would LOVE to be as bold as Nicole Richie!!Loved her White coif...she used hair spray, so no major harm done...was glad to find that out!
The next celeb I was really feeling is Katie Holmes; The side roll was so elegant from all angles! I would be most successful at recreating this style when my hair is very due for a relaxer and thick at the base, that should help with the volume and height!

Another style I like was on J.LO...maybe its just wishful thinking but I would love to recreate this style...maybe on someone else with shorter hair up top...really loved the way the coif in front stood up like it had a life of its own-So glam!
The most intriguing hairstyle from the MET gala for me was January Jones hair style, I found myself starring at her hair for a bit, wondering what was going on from all angles, unfortunately I could only find the front/sideish views not the back view...but from what I see its a poof infront with intricate braids on the LOVE!! 


Gwen Stefani also did her thing; Eventhough it looks boring from the front, I'm guessing the back has a kind of bow or something interesting...well that's what I'd do if I recreate the style.
Another boring in the front, interesting in the back look was by Carey Mulligan;
The final celeb with a hairstlye I adore is Emily Blunt!! So recreatable :) Love how the lose braid is casually but purposely placed in front, can't see the back but when I recreate this style, my braid will start from the back...Can't wait!!
Tomorrow being Sunday is poke my hair and style day LOL-remember my hair complaining HERE, So check back later tomorrow for an update on which of these hairstyles I recreated for church!!
Thanks for stopping by!

*Photo Credit-here


  1. Love Jlos' style

  2. Hi dabs its kim chukwuma still waiting for a response to my mail :-) my best is cara's hairstyle

  3. love the blake Lively style on you. Might try it out this week. Thanks for inspiring!

  4. i tink emily blunt's style was packed upwards(shuku style abi buns) den she loosely braid d ends 2geda wiv d front jst sayin o!

  5. Pls how do I purchase or make an order of your products? So I can start feeling good about my hair! I stay in port harcout city.river state. Thanks. Waiting for your respons!


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