IF MY HAIR COULD TALK; Things it would say to me!


Have you ever wondered...Has it ever crossed your mind the things your hair would say to you as you experiment and get to know it while on a hair journey? It's been a while since I goofed around here so I have decided to get into the thoughts of my hair and bring you a few things I feel it says to me...

1. Dabs why do you have me smelling like coconuts today, mangoes tommorrow, chocolate the next!

2. What's with all these gadgets you poke me with! The recent one you call the Root Only applicator,

 Its just plain scary!! How many teeths will it have now? Mtcheww

3. Ok Dabs, you cannot make me all Equal!! Arghhh when ever I see you bring out a scissors I just want to break it in two! A blunt cut is not for us, give up already!



4. I see you admiring Keri Hilson's blonde hair;

as well as Kiesha Cole's;

 Let me just tell you...'Not happening!' don't even think about frying me again with hair color!Your 2009 Blonde days ARE OVER;

5. I have a confession...I Dread Sundays!! The way you twist and turn me and poke me with pins when you are trying to do your so called 'protective styling'. It can be sooo annoying!!


6. I have to THANK YOU for sparing me the distress of those salon visits...the torture and impatience I experience at the hands of salon stylists? Let's just say I don't miss them!

7. Your weekend treats shhhhaaaaaa! Pouring eggs, milk, Palm oil and all sorts on me then you cover me up in this new foil cap...


 What's next? Are you gonna throw me into an oven and bake me?*rolling eyes*

8. In all, I really just have to say how grateful I am that I'm yours!

You finally have given me the attention I need ...I was worried for a while but now I know you love me as much as I love you, I am growing stronger each day, Skin and Nails tell me all the time how jealous they are of me...I think they need some of your attention too :)

LOL Major goofery going on in this Post...Izehuiwa started it with the talk of her hair telling her Odeshiii-HERE

Who cares to goof around with me? WHAT WOULD YOUR HAIR TELL YOU, IF IT COULD TALK? Feel free to leave comments below!!



  1. Lol! This is funny. I love it!


  2. I think i'll make it a full post and link it here lol.

  3. had me in stitches


  4. hilarious.. nicely written pls visit my blog for healthy glowing skin and beautiful interior decor ideas. just click on http://homeandskincandeez.blogspot.com/

  5. Funny! At least, it thanked you in the end!

  6. Very funny! Your hair is sooo gorg and healthy!

  7. My hair would say "I love you for loving me" and she would give me a biggggggg hug if she could but she can't so she's making up for it by growing nice and healthy for her mama.

  8. Dabs,this is so hilarious!!!!
    It really got me giggling
    Am so in love with your hair

    Dabs,pls I wld love to know if Natur Vital Henna shampoo is good for the hair,I have been using it for like 4 years

    It also has a color mask,is it good to use the colour mask on my hair,especially immediately after relaxing????

    Thanks dear

    1. Hiya,
      i have never used the Natur Vital shampoo or mask but my Grandma uses it, i don't think its sulphate free so avoid using it regularly as it will strip you hair off its natural oils. Its safe to color your hair after relaxing as long as you are on top of your game with deep conditioning. If the mask is henna based then it should be fine...most impotantly you should ask yourself how this products have impacted your hair after 4years...the state of your hair dhould have the answers :)

  9. LMBO!! my hair and I are always having convos like these, glad to know I'm not the only one!

  10. Hey Dabs, you never replied my mail for the May import window... :(

    1. Hiya, that's odd! Please what's your email address?

  11. My hair will beg me to be more consistent in taking care of it; we'd be best pals for one month and I totally ignore it the next.

  12. Awww thanks fo commenting ladies

    Reading this now, I'm inspired to think about what my own hair would say
    I love your hair, Dabs!
    I want to be as long as you in a few years!

  14. awesomely impressed by your hair, came across these things called curlformers (see link) a while back. i think they're good for natural hair and its a diy kinda thing.

    If you manage to try it and like it post it!



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