Be inspired- Izehiuwa's Hair!!



  1. Whaooo!!
    She's very "strong" to have cut her hair to start all over. Very inspiring story. I wish her all the best. Thanks Dabs for bringing this lovely story to us.

    1. Yeah very inspiring story! You are welcome!

  2. Hi Izehiuwa, you shouldn't worry about having curl definition. A lot of African women don't have curl definition in their hair. It's just nappy. It's great you're rocking your hair and loving it. Because your hair is of a strong texture you can plait it and do all kinds of styles. Wishing you the best on your hair journey.

  3. I'm so inspired x

  4. thumbs up izehiuwa!!! I'm actually also tired of relaxers cos ve had very serious burns for the past 1 year. I'm transitioning at the moment and i'm just almost 4months in. I must say you are very brave to rock the TWA, "i no get mind o". Wish u d best.

    Dabs, u haven't replied my mail where i requested some products and asked how i'll pay...

  5. wow! usually, women would do the big chop due to damaged hair, but yours look healthy and long! Haha, boko haram has nothing to do with your hair o. But as a woman with the same hair texture, I've never been able to achieve an overnight twist out. I find leaving my twist in for about 48hours often yields "reasonable" twist outs. Also, every curly girl has a curl definition or texture pattern. It's just hair like ours likes it's natural curl pattern too much to conform. There are just certain things our hair can do that those other girls hair won't and vice versa. When it comes to black hair, I can attest to say that there is no "magic" product, only magic haircare practice ;)
    You can take a look at what my hair looks like on my blog at

  6. That's a very huge step you took. Not many of we relaxed ladies can take that leap

  7. Lol @ screaming for all the evil spirits to relocate to the ice desert of siberia!!!
    It has reached that extent?
    Hilarious!! Heheheheheheeee


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