It's our first BE INSPIRED post for 2014!! I am glad to introduce an avid NHCG reader who comes from Zambia!! She too is on a hair journey and has successfully reached some of her goals while documenting them on her blog ZED HAIR REQUEST- HERE 

Find out more about her hair journey below;

Hi my name is Fatima, I am a 23 yrs old female and a full time student. I am the founder of the blog Zed Hair Request where I share my hair journey, share tips and basically promote healthy hair of ALL types. I have texlaxed hair.

When and why did you  start your hair journey?
I experimented a lot with hair dye and that led to severe chemical damage which was topped off with heat damage and general lack of care. Lost so much beautiful hair within a short period of time.  I made a u-turn and promised to take care of my hair from then. I officially started my hhj in 2011.


What's your hair regimen
Prepoo before every wash and shampoo once every week. 
I deep condition after every wash alternating between moisture and protein. 
 I clarify every 6 weeks or as needed and texlax every 8-12 weeks.
 I moisturize and seal on a daily basis. 

I am obsessed with prepooing and I think it has been one of the things that has contributed to the progress of my hair journey. I use various products and like to try out new things but i have been stuck to some which I do not see myself replacing. My detailed regimen can be found here: HERE

Do you have any favorite products?
Has to be ORS Hairepair Nourishing Conditioner,

 Fantasia IC carrot serum,

  coconut oil, 

jamaican black castor oil, 

ORS Hairepair avocado creme 

Shea moisture raw shea butter shampoo.

Any favorite hairstyles?
My hair lives on buns, ponytails and updos. They are easy to do and I can put them together by finger detangling and using a very soft brush for my nape and edges.

 If you are stuck on an island, what 3 things would you make sure
you had with you?

ORS Hairepair conditioner, hollywood beauty olive or carrot creme and fantasia ic serum. They have been staples in my regimen for a long time now.

What has been your craziest hair experience?
Has to be a setback I had during my hair journey. I had kinky twists done which I kept in for just over 6 week. I took them down and detangled well with mane n tail detangler. When time to wash came, it loced like never before. Lost soooooo much hair I was close to going to the barbers. The setback was so evident and left my hair uneven with differences of 6inches or so.

What's been your inspiration?
Was inspired  by many women on hair journeys; the first being Sunshine of hairlista followed by Megan(uluvmegz). As I continued in my journey African bloggers such as Dabs Of Naija Hair Can Grow and Tandi of African hair blog inspired me.

Any hair goals?
My main aim is to have thick and healthy hair. Length should follow after that. My short term goal is to be bsl by the end of the year. My long term goal is to have healthy mbl hair.

Where I can be found on the web;
Instagram: zedhairequest
Twitter: zedhairequest
Facebook: Zed Hair Request

Thanks again Fatima for reaching out, I am loving how full of body her hair is compared to where she started from. Overall thickness is one of the first things to look out for as a sign that you have started retaining length and your hair is healthier, the actual noticeable length follows and is just the icing on the cake!! Fatima is well on her way to her goal of healthy MBL (Mid Back Length ) hair, hope this post has inspired someone to start to care for their see even Zambian hair is giving the naysayers a run for their money!! Naija hair can grow oh, African hair can grow!!!

Its Easter this weekend, I'm off on a short holiday/wedding...hope you all enjoy the holiday and celebrate the reason for the season, our Lord Jesus for the sacrifice He made for us all!!

Take Care!



  1. she has such beautiful hair!

  2. Nice. I look forward to my own journey

  3. Her regimen is also simple which I love.

  4. Mummmmmyyyy! Heard you're in UYO. My town! Heard it from Ifiok Udom,she's like my sister. Hope you had fun at IT's wedding. Muah.

  5. Thanks for sharing the tips, your hairs looks great! :)

  6. Dabs, good to see u on TV. Watched the "Hair" episode on ELTV (165). Wished you ladies talked more. Can't get tired of hearing "Hair" stuff.

  7. juliette wishes24 April 2014 at 01:35

    Hello dabs, I watched u on ELTV 165 n seriously I was inspired. I really want my hair to grow. Esp cos my temples hav gone bald. Please I ll need ur salon contact. Pls do reply

  8. Am on myhair journeybut my hair has proved futile just in same state no pass no fail.what shld do please my sisters are insulting me

  9. Tresses n Locks23 May 2014 at 15:58

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  10. First time checking out your blog, its amazing. Your hair is beautiful I wish I can say that about mine.


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