Hair Update-I've been Protective Stylin'

Hi Ladies,
How's it going!! Following my how not to have a set back post, I'd like to share with you all how I've been protective styling which is an essential to growth retention especially if you have a hand in hair syndrome like I do.

For those who follow me on Instagram, you must have already seen some of these looks but let me use this medium to share them here again.

I always go for styles with the lowest possible manipulation, I section and detangle myself while the style is being made and I make sure I have deep conditioned before I do the hair style which lasts a maximum of two weeks, I know I can afford to change up my styles that often as I own a salon so I am not prescribing you do the same but all I ask is that what ever protective style you choose to do, it should truly be 'protective' and the health of your own hair must be paramount.

Look 1- Shuku(Braided updo) Ponytail. I saw this look on Instagram from a salon called Radiance in the UK and instantly fell in love with it! It's just a regular ponytail (Shuku) hair style with the ends left unbraided making it look more mature, and different. Rocked this look for almost two week and then took the braids out.

Look 2- Center part  big braids- This style I loved because I. Just got a fresh texlax and my edges were LAID!! It's just about eight big braids, the two in front started out as cornrows on either side so the center part showed.

Look 3- Faux Fringe and a Bun- This was a look I had been craving then I stumbled on a tutorial on Instagram showing a super cool way to make clip in bangs without the commitment of cutting your hair and I was sold! I used about 3 tracks of some Indian human hair I've had for a while sewed clips on them and attached them,used the ponytail to cover the tracks. This I used as a short term protective style for the weekend but I'm sure I could have carried it for longer if I wanted.

Look 4- Goddess Locs- saw this style at the beginning of the year and fell in love but was so scared to try it and get my hair in a jumbled mess that can lead to breakage so I really tried to ignore the style but after seeing it look so gorgeous on Meagan Goode,Tyra Banks and a whole lotta Instagram divas I had to try it...rocked this style for almost 3 weeks uninstalling it was a breeze thankfully and I loved it so much...the trick is making the locs super soft so even sleeping was not an issue unlike the last time I had locs made.

Look 5-The Pompadour for Salon Day Out 2016. I asked you guys to help me choose a style and I can't exactly say most of you chose this look as a chunk of you wanted the bun in front look, but I found this look to be the easiest to whip up on the morning of the event which was a super busy and hectic morning. I like the hairstyle so much I rocked it for the whole week and got quite a lot of compliments with people thinking I was natural.

Look 6- Crotchet Bob-
Was craving a straight bob and decided to chose the inexpensive  and convenient route of crotchet braids with expressions hair. I loved this style so much though the hair shed quite a bit.

Look 7- Rice and Beans (lol)- So I saw this hairstyle on Instagram and I just loved the simplicity and decided to do it. I used my own hair and only added extensions at the very tips to lengthen the ends. Loved this style but could only keep it for week, my scalp was so itchy.

Look 9- My Wigsssss- When all else fails in the styling dept, wear a wig!! I've worn my heavenly wig a couple of times,my Riley wig gets show time too. And recently a long slick black wig which I call my Ciara wig....I love wigs I just get uncomfortable and hot a lot so I can't wear them for long stretches of time like I see most ladies do.

I cut Ciara short.

Speaking of wigs, I have great looking wigs at affordable prices at Savvy & Chic I will be doing a post on them this week so those interested can holla!!

Have a great week ladies!!



  1. you have such an angelic baby face. ure gorgeous sista!
    i've been obssessed wit dis rice and beans hair since i was a kid! lol!. its simple to do but always turns out looking so sophisticated.

  2. Yay! I love the Clara wig on you. Very pretty :)

  3. Oluseyi Adeyemi8 July 2016 at 23:12

    Hello Dabs, I have a question. How do you keep your hair moisturized under the protective style? I had a wig on for about 3 weeks and when I took out my inverted braids I almost had a heart attack. So much shedding. What can I do to keep my hair from breaking or shedding so much while rocking a protective style? Thank you

    1. Try using a spray bottle...currently I use one from maneChoice.

  4. How to you make your locs super soft ? I'm looking to try the style soon

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