How not to suffer another Hair Set Back!!

Hiya Ladies,
We are half way through the year, can you believe it?!!  How's everyone doing with their hair journeys, for those who are having a hard time, hang in there! Remember healthy and long hair is a product of a consistent and practical hair regimen!!

Here are a few tips to make sure there are NO SET BACKS in your future!!

NIP HAIR DISASTERS AT THE BUD- If you have for whatever reason had a weave in your hair for more than three weeks and you decide to take it out, know that you will need to give your hair a little extra TLC when you do take the weave out- an intense deep conditioning session, extra moisturizing and sealing,some trimming must all be done to restore strength and elasticity to the hair that was abandoned in a weave or if you are natural and colored your hair a rich blonde color, don't expect that the ends of your hair will remain the way they were when they were not colored, they will dry out- so you must have a moisture game plan to combat all that dryness if not YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!  

UNCLOG YOUR SCALP- One of the fastest ways to slow down your hair growth is clogging your scalp pores!! The hair cuticle relies on blood circulation and absorption of healthy nutritious oils and air for it to flourish...if you are using products that have petrolatum that just sit on your scalp blocking entry or an outlet, YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

DON'T ROUGH UP YOUR HAIR SHAFT- I read somewhere and have used this example since then, our hair shafts are like roof shingles, each strand of hair is made of overlapping keratin, when you mishandle your hair either by rough combing, using elastic to tightly hold your hair, knotting your ends indiscriminately, YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

DON'T FORGET TO TRIM ON SCHEDULE- So I was a victim of this, in 2014 I decided enough was enough, no more regular trims, I'm just going to allow my hair grow and my ends will do their thing and do their thing they did by breaking off right in the middle and leaving my hair in a disaster!!

I learnt the hard way and pretty much had to start now I trim on schedule wait for it.........every month!!lol Basically at the start of the month I take a good look at my ends and snip what needs snipping( I will call it more like dusting though) but this I see has really helped my ends look better. So you can schedule a trim for every two months, three months etc depending on how often your ends need a trim but stick to it( this point is especially for naturals as I have found they hardly trim their ends) or else YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

PROTECTIVE STYLES SHOULD BE TRULY PROTECTIVE- What's the point of having a hair style done that takes you back on your hair journey!!If you are doing anything to your hair from a simple bun to adding extensions or a weave, your 1st PRIORITY should always be your own hair and nothing else...if you need to sacrifice some of the style for the safety of your own hair please do....don't go letting a stylist convince you to relax just your hairline so that it blends better with a weave or telling you that she must pick ever strand of your hairline so the Ghana weaving looks good!! Give her a big stare down and let her know that YOU WILL NOT SUFFER A SET BACK!!

HEAT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND- PERIOD!!! If you need to use heat which should be hardly ever, you must use a heat protectant...we respect clients that come to Savvy and Chic and choose to air dry instead of blow dry, I have also taught my stylists how to blow dry with minimal heat, in sections and in optimal time. If visiting a salon, you can choose to allow the hair stylists blow dry your hair after you have air dry to like 80% so the exposure to heat is greatly reduced! Romance with heat and heat tools and YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

Lol, those are a few of the most common issues I have found that cause set major 5 inches cut off type set backs that make you wonder if you were sleeping through the time the damage to your hair was happening...I have suffered huge set backs and they can be very painful so now I do all it takes to avoid them even if it means remaining on the same length for a little longer than I'd like...Let's ensure this year is a SET BACK FREE year shall we!!

Have a great week ladies, feel free to comment below if you have been dealing with any set backs so I can help!!

Abuja HAIR LISTAS- I'm coming to your city in August and I hope you can make it to my HAIR REHAB Session at Jungo 3.0!!! I will unveil venue and plans as the time draws closer, so excited to meet you all!!!!