What to do about hair pockets,incomplete splits!

Hi Ladies,
I am sure you read the topic and let out a sigh when you realized what it was about. Hair Pockets are the WORST!! First off disclaimer, I made up this term so don't try to google it...

So you know when you take a close look at a strand of hair and you see like a hole or circle within the strand where the strand has opened,formed a loop and gone back straight, what some people call an incomplete split end? Well that's what I'm referring to.

These hair pockets drive me nuts because when I see them I have no choice but to cut above the hole as split ends cannot mend them selves, they are especially annoying when they pop up on a perfectly healthy strand of hair! So the focus next should be how to avoid them.

Now there are a few factors that can cause these hair pockets,the usual culprits like rough handling your hair with ponytail holders or elastics like I see my Naija babes use, trimming your ends with blunt scissors and this other culprit I was surprised by-using heat tools like a straightner on wet hair...apparently the bubbles created by the heat and water contact cause the shaft to either split or end up with holes.

Other ways to avoid causing these hair pockets are avoiding excessive shampooing especially sulphate shampoos who strip the hair of its natural oils, brushing wet hair-naturals take note of this point, resort to finger detangling your hair while wet instead of raking through with a brush which can be used when your hair is half way dry.

To find out if you have hair pockets, search for them from the mid shaft of your hair strands under bright light,I use my laptop light or natural light by a window but make sure it's bright enough if not you will miss them.

I hope this post helps someone out there who has encountered a few of these and is on a quest for retaining length.

Have a blessed week ladies.