Hiya Ladies,
I am here to bring you my first product review of the year!!! Natural Nigerian is a proudly Nigerian brand that has produced many of my favorite hair and skin care products!! I attended a hair meet up for the first time many years ago organized by them, bought my first bottle of JBCO at that meet up and got to meet and mingle with fellow hair fanatics for the first time in Nigeria...since then lets just say I am loyal!!

NN has evolved from just selling natural based products to making them!! #GROWTH!! When I saw her latest addition was a kit for babies I knew I had to get one!!! Been using the products on my Mimi since I got them.

Here's my  review of the products;

First, I like the packaging!!! The colors are very in line with the baby theme. Wish the sizes were bigger though!!

Cost- N5000

The kit contains;

                            1 Baby wash 13.5oz
                            1 Baby  Lotion 13.5oz
                            1 Baby oil 1.7oz

The Baby Wash with Red Acalypha and Nettle. Ingredients also include Cocoa pod, Ash, Water, Shea Butter, Palm Kernel oil, Aloe Vera juice, vegetable glycerin and red grapefruit.

I like how Mimi's skin felt after I used this, clean but not squeaky clean to the point where her skin feels dry!! It has a citrus smell which is nice and not over bearing, it doesn't foam up tremendously which I don't only little critic would be that it is not 'tear free'. When I washed Mimi's face with it and a little of it got in her eyes she started itching vigorously till I washed it out, so I would advice to just wipe around the face region and be mindful of the eyes when using this wash.

The Baby Lotion contains Red acalypha and nettle (herbs), coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, cetyl alcohol, salicylic acid...

I found the lotion quite moisturizing on Mimi's skin which tends to be dry. It has a mild vanilla scent and has an off white color look to it which I don't mind. Here my only little critic is that it was very watery when I initially got it and hardened up after a few days I guess because it contains shea butter and coconut oil which are sensitive to heat/cold...this however made it quite difficult for the lotion to pass through the pump and I ended up having to open the pump and force the product out several times, based on it's consistency, I would have preferred if it was in a tub.

The Baby Oil with Calendula also contains Chamomile oil, red acalypha oil, stinging nettle oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil. 

This Oil is colorless and has a mild mix of palm kernel scent with Lavender scent. I liked it because it did not just sit on her skin, It got absorbed as expected because the bottle says it contains NO MINERAL OIL and NO SYNTHETIC OIL or fragrances. I use it especially on her legs and feet and I have found it quite handy in her diaper bag because of it's size. 

After Bath Time comes Bed Time!!! Mimi and I are rocking our SAVVY CHIC SATIN SLEEP CAPS!!!

All in All, I think NN has done an excellent job with this. I purchased this kit with my own money and was not compensated for this review so you can be rest assured that every opinion I have written above is my authentic view ladies!!

Have any of you tried this Kit? Feel free to share your thoughts below!!