How's everyone doing!! Hope well!!! Ladies I know I was not the best blogger in 2016 and my blog format was quite confusing and so you probably gave up on reading this blog as much as you used to...well with this new format, I have enjoyed reading all my old posts and reading all the comments and interactions that used to happen in the comment area...I MISS THAT so much!!! *crying dramatically* and I need all of you to come back to me!!! Instagram has not helped matters and people will rather leave an emoticon than a comment these days (I am guilty as charged of this too), but I will work my little behind off and continue creating relevant hair content on this blog till all my old time faithfuls come back to me!!

 What's up Gretel, How are you doing Kelly & Yolanda, Hi Joie, Enigma...remember me? Hey Lesley I know you are now a big madam on Instagram * Wide Grin.*

Okay enough dramatics, back to the topic at hand!! When the year begins, everyone begins to make resolutions about everything, they are important because they lay out goals and aspirations for the year ahead, keeping them is a whole other ball game but this year I am determined to keep these 5 'Hairsolutions' for healthier, lush hair...whose with me?!!

HAIRSOLUTION 1- EMBRACING WATER!! This year the plan is to do just that, I used to have an 8 litre plastic jug for water, I'd fill it with water and do you know how much of it I'll end up drinking at the end of the day? not up to a litre!!!! This year I have started drinking at least 4 litres of water each day for starters and so far so good!! Water ingested and applied on the hair and skin is so important for it's health!! So the usual water based hair moisturizers, leave in conditioners will remain a constant in my daily hair regimen this year. If you are thirsty? Drink water...If your hair feels 'thirsty'...don't apply an oil, apply a water based hair moisturizer!!

HAIRSOLUTION 2- SCALP MASSAGE TWICE A WEEK or more!!!! I am currently taking a course which I will disclose details in depth later in the year... now this course has opened up my eyes to how important scalp massages are!! Did you know the SCALP  is an acronym for Skin/Sabbaceous glands, Connective tissues, Aponeurotic Layer, Loose connective tissue and Pericranium.

It is essentially an extensive network of immensely dense tissue that contains nerves on end carrying blood and nutrition to and from from the head to the body and when you massage it, you stimulate it to work optimally!!! It's like when someone suffers a heart attack ...the doctors immediately apply pressure to the chest to get the heart pumping blood again!! Without an enough amount of pressure applied, that heart may stop permanently...our scalp needs pressure in form of gentle firm massages ( don't go banging your head with a comb oh because of Dabs!! LOL) to help stimulate it and keep the nutrients flowing.

 I recommend scalp massages twice a week because I presume there will be a wash day at least once a week and a co- wash day or at least a day for intense moisturizing and sealing... even if you have braids or any other protective style, it's good to incorporate a scalp massage for at least 10/ 15 minutes twice a week or more with an oil of your choice.

P.S. Done right with the right tools, like the Savvy & Chic Ultimate grow scalp massager, it is such a relaxing and soothing experience!! 

AYeeeee!!! Are you bouncing to my rap lyrics?!! Listen, gone are the days when it was all about length and it felt like a race to the finish line on my length check T- Shirt!!! I don't even know where that T-shirt is!!! This year I am embracing volume...I've done the downward growth thing for a while now...it has become boring...now let's move on up!!

 I have invested in some sharp hair shears that I keep stored away in a dry, protected area so that it stays rust free and sharp for ONLY when I need to trim my ends which I now do every month!! If length is still your focus, that's fine...I won't recommend you trim every month like I do, rather trim on schedule every two to three months...naturals need to schedule regular trims too if you don't want your growth to remain stunted!!!

Split ends are sneaky and will show up silently and split up your hair shaft all while you are chilling...the year will end and you will be wondering why your hair looks exactly the same in terms of length or volume as it did in January!!

HAIRSOLUTION 4- TAKE A PICTURE...Speaking of tracking progress, I don't care how photographic I think my memory is, when it comes to hair seeing is always believing!! It's also like that with weight!! In my mind, I am still a skinny size 6 who can rock a tight size 6 pencil skirt and get away with it...in reality FOR WHERE!! Talk about a stuffed sausage about to burst open!!

Pictures will keep you on track, you don't have to share them if you are not a sharer like I am but at least you can see your progress or otherwise...I once had someone say to me she dreaded pictures with all her heart!! It ain't ever that serious...I am going to be tracking my hair journey this year with pictures as always!!

HAIRSOLUTION 5- DC, DC, DC...Who skipped on regular Deep Conditioning sessions last year? This writer HERE!!!

Towards the end of the year I was always soooo busy!! I couldn't find time to Deep condition in a week sometimes, your home girl was waiting two weeks to get proper DC's done!!! There were times I'd be under the steamer for like 5 minutes and get a call that I had to be somewhere and I'd just wash out the treatment and be on the run!!! I had to purposefully make out time to get the treatments done and make sure I was balancing moisture and protein!!

 Once I got back on track, my hair even though it was 5 months post relaxer at the time, started to become more manageable especially the new growth!! That's why it marvels me when some naturals tell me they have never DC'd before or they say they've done it only once in the past six months.

Understand this, a Deep Conditioning treatment as the name implies serves the purpose of penetrating deep into your hair shaft and conditioning it to act better ( softer, detangled, more manageable). The only problem is that DC's are temporary and only last a few days, so they need to be done regularly to have lasting effects!! In 2017, I'm not skipping on my regular weekly DCs at all, even if it means doing them at home if I can't get to the hub!!

That ends my 2017 HAIRSOLUTIONS!!! As they say, talk is cheap!! I'm charging you all to join me to put all this plenty talk into action as I have already started doing, this year!!


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  1. I need to be more diligent to Dcing my hair too! Laziness be gone!

  2. I love the new look of your blog. This is much easier to navigate. Well-done 👏

  3. Yayyy, welcome back.

  4. Hi Dabs, of course i remember you. Lol, it's been awhile. I will try to visit the savy chic hub soon. Happy 30th birthday, it will be your best year ever.

    1. awwww thanks for remembering me!! God bless!! :)

  5. Where is the hub located? Can't afford to do my hair myself, it's tiring and my daughter gets in the way

    1. Hello, Its at Suite 12 Dolphin Estate,Ikoyi. You can call 08090613325 to schedule an appointment.


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