My Crotchet Braids Protective Style + Savvy Chic Hair Beauty Hub Holiday Specials!!

How's everyone doing? Hope well! In my last post, I shared that I was going to get some crotchet braids done...well I had been eyeing this newly revived box braid bob hairstyle;


And you and I know there was no way I was going to cut my hair in a bob for this hairstyle, so I decided to try the next best thing- CROTCHET BRAIDS!

I decided to use some blonde in front to give the hair style that extra oomph!!

The installation was relatively pain free, there were a few naughty strands that were too thick to form a secure knot so we left those out and for those trying to DIY, make sure the hole at the start of the braid is big enough for the braid to pass through and you should be fine.

I had these in for just a little over a week and got bored/hot (perks of having a salon, free hair!!), to maintain it...all I did was spritz my scalp nightly and oil my edges so the extensions didn't dry the hair out. In terms of longevity I think this hairstyle has the tendency to get rough early especially if like I did, the tips are burnt...what I would do differently next time is not burn the tips but have them securely tied and the ends cut blunt like I've seen others do because I found that the burnt ends were sticking together and pulling the hair apart from the strands causing them not to look neat, to remedy this I just simply trimmed the braids that had hair sticking out and the great part was I trimmed with no fear since my hair was not in any of the braids.

Took the braids out some nights ago and something very interesting happened but that's a post for another day, let's move on to what's in store at SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB from tomorrow Black Friday till Christmas Eve!! 

These are the special packages we have for those who visit the hub this holiday season!!

10% OFF Instant Faux Locs-

15% OFF Knotless braids when you get an add on Steam treatment.

FREE Simple updo with every wash and condition 

10% OFF the Dandruff Be Gone treatment package

10% OFF Crotchet Braids when you add on a Steam Treatment

FREE Travel Sized Savvy and Chic Shea butter cup with any purchase of Savvy and Chic products(includes satin caps, pillow cases, scarfs and. Bigger Shea butter tubs).

5% OFF the Mason Jar tubs of Savvy Chic whipped Shea butter with every SILK PRESS treatment 

Kids get a FREE hair accessory with any hair treat.

SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB is at 30 Norman Williams St, Ikoyi. Lagos. Appointments can be made via this no. 08090613325.

And that's all ladies!! I am pretty much ready for the holidays to come as I am so exhausted and just want to relax and be around family, so is it too early to wish you all a Merry Christmas?  LOL!!

Thanks as usual for stopping by!