Giveaway Results!!

I'm  back with the resullltssss!! Thanks to all the ladies for entering the giveaway, loved all your responses...this hair journey is not easy and sometimes it will seem like you have tried it all and it's time to give up but let me encourage you, please like with life, don't give up!! Hang in there doing the right things and results will come!!

I used the to find my 3 lucky winners out of 25 comments and without further ado here are the results-

Here they are-

Winner 1-Cynthia N-

Winner 2- Anita Ike

Winner 3- Pholukx

There you have it!! CONGRATS Ladies!!!Winners should please contact me via email to arrange to pick the vitamins up and by December God willing, we will need to catch up with them again to see the effect of the vitamins- Good Growth *Finger crossed*

Have a great week people!!