Hope all is well at your ends! This post is all about my new found intrigue for wigs as a protective style. How can anyone not be intrigued with the beyond fabulous wigs everyone is wearing these days! Sometimes I have to do a double take...had to get in on the action and as I researched, I soon discovered that things have completely changed.

In 2010 when I last was into wigs, I bought them all! Half wigs that required the front part of the hair to be left out(not as protective as I'd liked) then lace wigs came along but most of them had the strongest scratchiest laces that barely made a parting, so after buying 3 or 4, I gave up! Then there was the hair quality to contend with! Those cheap and cheerful synthetic wigs shed like crazy! Even those that claimed to be human hair were questionable but like I said, things sure have changed...if you are like me just getting updated in the game, quality wigs now have super cool features that you need to be aware of...let me list them...

I am not talking about clothing! After doing my research, I found that nowadays wigs now have what's called a "silk top"-

As you can see from the picture above, silk tops basically give the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp, though the color of the silk top in this picture is way too light to be a black woman's scalp but I've seen really good silk tops that make the wigs look so realistic and the best bit is you don't have to leave any hair out!!

Bleached knots; If silk tops are not your thing, then maybe bleached knots will do!

 Basically, the roots of the lace front wig are bleached a lighter color so it blends better with your hair line and parting!(Who thinks of all these things!lol)-Some people have tried to do this on their own but its risky business as the color might not come out right and look all orangey!!

Yaki texture;After countless You Tube videos on wigs, I got EDUCATED!! Well apparently, Yaki textured wigs are better for us women of color because they mimic our hair texture when its relaxed and straightened. So if you are getting a wig and there's an option between Yaki and silky textured, get the yaki texture.

Wash and Deep condition; Yup!Wigs these days are made from high quality actual human hair(which actually grosses me out and I don't like to ponder too much on that aspect), so when you get them, most people say its best wash and deep condition them especially if they have been dyed a lighter color. This is to take off any residue and stiffness from the processing of the wigs.

Full lace-French lace;There are lace front wigs and there are full lace wigs, after seeing all the reviews on You Tube, I think full lace wigs made from soft french lace are the way to go because you can part them how ever you like!

Glue less cap; From what I gathered,these are better than

caps requiring glue like the picture above...don't get me started on glued lace fronts from 2010!! Ladies were gluing these wigs to their foreheads and eyebrows!!LOL...well nowadays wigs simply come with combs and adjustable straps making them super comfortable and snug without the commitment;

Baby hairs; Let me talk like my African American sisters, 'Girl how you gonna get a wig without them baby hairs? you know that ain't right!!.'LOL!! Nowadays wigs have baby hair around the hairline but PLEASE don't lay them like back in 2010, they are best used to blend the little hairline hair you leave out if you so choose.

Like I said gone are the days ladies left the house in wigs like this;
Is this even a wig?!! LOL wetin person no go see!!

So you know that after all this wig research, I had to get one from the most talked about and hyped wig company on You Tube- RPGSHOW!!!Website. If you go on You tube and search for wig reviews, you will see that this company makes THE BEST lace wigs in the market, most of their wigs are celebrity inspired so you can have the Kim Kardashian wig or Beyonce and a host of others, after debating on which one to get, I settled for...the BEYONCE WIG *Wide grin*

Remember when Beyonce wore this hairstyle;

Well they created a wig that looks just like it;

Choose it because of the color and cut, cant wait till its here, I'll do an unboxing video on my youtube channel, I like those a lot :)

Well that's all for this post, for those that have been in the dark about wigs, hope you enjoyed getting updated!

For this weekend's treat, I whipped up a CHOCOCOCO Hair gloss basically made from pure cocoa powder and coconut oil, I personally added Hair trigger in mine to address shedding....It smells DIVINE!!!

Benefits include; 

Adding shine and smooths out the hair shaft. Cocoa has flavanoids, rich in magnesium,  protein, riboflavin, vitamin A and thiamine; minerals that helps to combat hair loss. Contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants than many other sources on Earth, which is also really great for your skin. 
Also, if used consistently over time, the cocoa powder can darken the hair strands
COCONUT OIL; Strengthening- bonds with protein bonds in the hair, moisturizes the hair and prevents it from being dry and brittle.

As usual this treat is available at the Hub this weekend- 34a Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi Lagos.

Thanks for stopping by!!

PS. Have you seen the changes I've made to the blog- well I edited the shop NHCG and turned into the NAVIGATE NHCG Page, I picked basic topics for hair journey beginners and posted the direct links to posts I have written over the four yearS span of this blog, check on it if you are new in the game or refer someone to it that's just starting out. 



  1. Excellent post! Great review. I've been studying wigs lately and synthetics do shed too much and human hair totally grosses me out. I just can't do it. The concept may grow on me at some point but it's definitely not today. I hope you love your wig!! Can't wait to see the unboxing & reveal.

  2. Omg! Dabs!!!! I've been waiting for that your beginners post compilation FOREVER!!! Cos everytime I have to preach hair journey to someone, I have to practically type and type. Lawd! When I could have just sent your blog link and said "check the beginners section". But now you've done it! Great!!

  3. Hi Dabs. great review on wigs. loved it. I have been to the rpgshow website and cant say if they deliver to Nigeria? please can you advise how we can order for delivery to Nigeria


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