Its been a while since I blogged about how my hair is doing, what products I've been using and all the fun stuff!!

Let's get straight to it...right now my hair is 13 weeks post relaxer and I am stretching 3 more weeks to get to 16 weeks post relaxer( 4 months) which is currently the longest time I have ever stretched. Ironically, this strech has not been as unbearble as I would have guessed, been so busy that before I realized, I was 12 weeks post relaxer...I also have done crotchet extensions twice within this time and that must have contributed to me breezing through this stretch.

I am starting to come to terms with my absolutely different textured back hair (nape hair) must be like a 4Z!!!! I say this because that section of my hair is the driest, most sensitive, split end prone, kinkiest part of my hair. It's that section of my hair that has always thinned out forming my infamous V and It's at it again;

As you can see in the pic above, the shorter back strands are at APL and the rest of my hair is comfortably at Bra-strap...this is when I usually hack off the rest of my hair to APL because I want equality...but after doing it twice and seeing the same thing happen, I refuse to be INSANE( Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results), all I can do now is to give that area of my hair the ultimate TLC that I possibly can and nurture it as I go along, it can get to bsl and the rest of my hair is MBL and that's alright!

In my search for a solution I found that I'm not the only one with the problem, even hair guru's have dealt with it at some point in their journey. I found this post by JEN of JUST GROW ALREADY most helpful(she even went on a 6 months challenge to grow her's out- instead of hack all her hair off like I've done- TWICE!! wish someone told me :(. Well here's the post, I do EVERYTHING she wrote except I use my own choice of products, check this post out if you are having thinning/breakage in your nape area...Just Grow Already Nape challenge post.

As for my products of choice? Lately I have fully embraced the product junkie within, I have so much stash that I am spoilt for choice!! I've been loving Natural Nigerian's leave in for daily moisturizing the most though,

so light weight and ridiculously easily rivals Shea Moisture curl milk!! For sealing I've been using coconut and almond oil.

 My hair has been benefiting GREATLY from the treats I have been whipping up for the hub(stay tuned for this weekend's treat announced latest Friday).  I don't drink alcohol but my hair sure loves beer!

For co-washing I have been using Garnier's new damage eraser conditioner-

recommended by a NHCG reader, LOVE IT!! It has to be a staple from now on!! Of course the Savvy & Chic luxury satin caps have helped me retain my moisture(we have such a variety now, holla if you need  one- 08090613325 or email

We also have a variety of satin pillow cases to match- delivery is available nationwide;

Sleeping with a satin cap/pillowcase need not be boring any longer!! That's all for now ladies, thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Great post. I've been APL for a while and decided to to a long term stretch. Currently 7 months post and I'm shocked to say my is like butter. I treat it like a New born and it's been responding. I plan to relax next month and as it's APL 7 months post I'm hoping at least BSL post relaxer. Wish me luck.

  2. Ps, you're hair is looking good. Hope you reach your goals.

  3. Nice update. I look forward to seeing how your nape progresses.

  4. Maybe I'm a sucker---but I love the idea of a matching scarf and pillowcase! Your hair looks beautiful. I'm really glad that you are going to pamper your nape instead of getting a blunt cut.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  5. Hi Dabs, i have an scalp aches badly when i deal with new growth, combing my hair or even touching my scalp makes it ache.....Plus my new growth has never been moisturized and since i don't have a hooded dryer i do overnight Dc most times....What can a sister do to get my hair soft,moisturized and my scalp not aching when i have new growths.

    1. Hiya, I know this is super late- forgive me!!! Try the green house method (sleep with a shower cap) twice a week and use tea tree oil for the itching.

  6. Great post Dabs! Your nape will catch up with the rest of your hair eventually! I recently cut my edges and nape short as they were getting quite thin and I reluctantly accepted that they are much shorter than the majority of my hair x

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