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Have I ever told you ladies how much you have helped me in my hair journey?!! When I get emails thanking me that go like this; 'Hi Dabs, I'm just mailing to thank you so much for your blog, I love all the tips you share....also I was wondering if you have tried THIS PRODUCT...'. Then you drop the name and I am like hmmmm I've never heard of it...Well this post is all about those products you told me about! Some were a hit and others not so much but just for fun I want to list them and weigh in on them and give you the credit!!! Thank you NHCG readers (that mail in, drop comments) for making me come this far in my hair journey...without much ado, YOU MADE ME BUY;


Kelly made me buy this!! I can't forget how I scoffed the day I heard about this product, I even went ahead and ordered it for Kelly thinking to myself why on earth will anyone spend so much on a concoction they can make themselves!!! Is it not to hold your nose and blend garlic and onions?!! Well out of sheer fluke, I ordered another bottle for Kelly who I thought changed her mind and so I was left with a bottle...gave it a try and HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK SINCE!!! First off, this product lasts for agessss...I use it every weekend and have only gone through 2 bottles since last year!! A little goes a long way and I can definitely thank it for my controlled's packed with nutrients!! I have raved so much about it, I'm sure you ladies are my review HERE

The Root Only Applicator Bottle;

Again I think it was either Kelly or her sister Yolanda that brought this super cool tool to my attention, the person even sent a link to my email and once I read all about it, it made so much sense I immediately ordered a few. This applicator bottle has allowed me apply oils to my scalp with ease!!

I can't remember when but around last year, I got at least 3 emails from ladies that wanted products from a brand called SILK DREAMS...

I went ahead and ordered for them and of course I ordered for myself, I got two moisturizers, a Mocha one and their vanilla moisturizer, I also tried their deep conditioner and I loved them all BUT the price and quantity makes this brand's products unsustainable as staple products for my hair that drinks products like there's no tomorrow; the website processing time for these products are longer than most (I'm guessing products are made from scratch for every order) So that has also made using this brand in Naija terms LOOOOOONGGGGG!!

The same time I was getting orders for Silk Dream products, I also got introduced to; DARCY'S BOTANICALS;

I got their famous lemon grass transitioning creme; thought it was A.OK...Read my review HERE
I think my major issue with it was, I thought it would be lighter than it turned out to be. Then I tried their organic coconut butter ( above) and LOVED IT!! Still have it after almost 6 months; read my review HERE. After the success with their Coconut butter, I decided to give their Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizing Hair Whip a try... I just loooveee it! 

First the smell, gosh its like chocolate, then it is super light and whipped to perfection!! When I'm on their WEBSITE, I just find it hard concentrating!! Every product looks so delish and inviting! The price is the same as SILK DREAMS but for some reason their products last way longer and they don't delay their processing.

You guys also made me buy SPRUSHES!! 

I think, I owe this one to Folake, she sent me a link to check out this cool new applicator that looked like a spatula and a relaxer comb, I tried it and have never looked back!!

HAIRFINITY HAIR SUPPLEMENTS; Detutu made me get this...Read my review HERE

Although I have personally not taken them as I hate pills but just for the fact that all those vitamins are in them makes me know they are an asset for those who take them BUT I must say this; I have stopped bringing them in because I was warned that another Nigerian hair blogger that brought them in was asked to stop selling them on legal grounds. I reached out to them (Hairfinity) and they told me they aren't ready for Africa yet...say what?!! Asked me to join their affiliate program that will allow ladies link to their website and buy but ONLY IF YOU HAVE A US CREDIT CARD or US shipping address...Now how will that help my Naija sisters their yanga has made me sack them and after critical examination, I have decided to consider other hair supplements that have close to/almost the same vitamins as contained in Hairfinity....after all the only difference between RAGOLIS WATER AND AQUAFINA WATER is the packaging!!!


As usual, she ordered for it and out of curiosity I got one for myself...what was I thinking, the reviews I saw were mainly naturals and I can boldly say this product is one product that is just for natural hair!!! When I opened it, I was like what the heck is this PASTE!!! Its used for straightening natural hair and I guess you need something that thick to keep natural hair straight and combat shrinkage...I have not touched it since then and will take it to the hub for whenever we want to straighten natural hair because believe it or not, it's quite popular! I've had quite a few more orders of this stuff since I got it, even just last month...

Recently not 1 not 2 not 3 readers have asked for a brand called HAIRVEDA DRY HAIR SOLUTIONS; from their SITRINILLAH DEEP CONDITIONER (found out this is a favorite of Jen from the blog; JUST GROW ALREADY!),  to their WHIPPED CREME DAILY MOISTURIZER, I've been buying HAIRVEDA for the past few months so of course, last month I had to try it!! I got their whipped creme daily hair moisturizer, moisturizing hydrating whipped butter and their Jardin herbal green tea whipped oil butter with grape seed oil!!! 

You guys, I LOVE THIS BRAND!! For quantity and quality!! These hair cremes are truly moisturizing, they are living up to a name they have called themselves; a dry hair solutions company and the products deserve an entire review of their own so stay tuned!!


Here's my mini review HERE. I loved Mixed Chicks, I don't know about it being a staple as I only got like 4 to 5 uses out of it and with that I even had to mix it with other conditioners but for quality its an A!!

Finally I owe Amina the credit for purchasing the HEUTIFUL STEAMER!!!

This steamer gets the job done!! Its super easy to use, portable and after the 30 minutes timer goes off, you are left with super soft hair...the best bit, I am not the only one enjoying it, I get to share it with ladies who come to the hub to deep condition!!!

There are few other products that are peaking my interest like a brand called Purabody Naturals that quite a few of you have ordered, combs from Hot Combs (My girl Anuli bought like 7 of these combs!!! ) and one last one that's on its way recommended to me by A'smau by a brand called Affirm...she says, its the best protein treatment she has ever used, can't wait to use it!!

So as you can see from above, what on earth would I have done without you guys!!!!! With my beyond busy schedule, I hardly read blogs as much as I used to but thanks to you, I stay in the know and for this I say THANK YOU!! You think I have helped you? You have helped me more!!!

On that note, I think a SALON DAY OUT is in order!!! What do you say?!!! This blog turns 4 in June (WOW!!!) and I have decided to have a salon day out in the first week, not sure on dates yet, will conclude and keep you all informed but know this, the format will be tweaked a little, it will hold in a neutral venue not at the hub, there will be freebies and there will be other participants!!! I am super excited about it, clear your calenders for the month of JUNE!!!

As usual, thanks for checking in and for all the support!!




  1. You're pretty right....A lot of products I've used recently were out of curiosity because other people had mentioned them to me. Jenijen uses Hairveda too....I think I'll try it soon. Hairfinity says they're coming to Nigeria soon. Their yanga is too much!!!

  2. Discovered hairfinity on YouTube in 2012 and ordered their vitamins as well as their hairssential products. I do a lot of shipping from America so all I did was include it in my consignment.
    I must however say I wasn't too impressed. For all the promises they made, I didn't notice an ounce of difference after 30 days of use, so I dumped them.

    1. really? I'm just hoping people know they have to care for their hair while taking it and not think the pills are ALLyou need for long hair.

  3. Please what email address can you be reached on? did not go through. Thanks

    1. Please is this the Nnenna Onuorah that went to FGGC Onitsha and graduated in 2004?

  4. I'm so proud of you Dabs!!! I started following your blog when you just started because you seemed to know much about hair. Now four years later I tell everyone I know about Dabs. You already know my sister and I are your biggest cheeerleaders. Your blog is a great source of knowledge, I cant even believe its free! If you decide to do a salon day out for the blogversary, you already know I'll be the first person there. Congrats!!!

  5. For hair supplements try manetabolism its been all the rave on instagram now oo. The creator is married to a nigerian, so am sure no yanga go dey for that side

    1. hmmm I'll check them out, thanks for the info!!

  6. Yeah, as good as the mixed chicks is, it doesn't really go a long way. Sucks. Still love it though! And glad you loved it too :)

  7. Hi Dabs, I have been following your blog since 2011 when I started my hair journey and I must say it's been of immense help! Thanks for all the great tips, advice and product reviews. You are proof that our hair can really grow long. I discovered Dermorganic Shampoo with Argan oil and also Dermorganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque on in 2012 and I've used them ever since. The large size lasts for a long time so you get value for money as well. Dabs, on my last wash day I noticed I had an inverted V at the middle of the ends of my hair. I know this happened to you a while back. Did your Tea Spritz with Fenugreek seeds help at all? I'm desperate to nip this set back in the bud asap. Please help! Thanks

    1. The tea spritz did not go so far, expect a blog post about this inverted v issue soon, finally know the cause!

  8. This is by far one of the best blogs I've come across. First of I tried transitioning to natural hair after my back length hair had shredded off to just above my nose. I had a baby almost two years ago. So why shred now??? My almosy natural hair started breaking off wide tooth combs and I ran back to relaxers.
    Now I just want to know where to order all those amazing products you've talked about. My hair is prone to excessive dryness. I really hate weaves and braids. And my newly short hair now means I can't carry my own hair confidently. I'm just frustrated really. Please help me Dabs!

    1. awww thanksss! You can order the products from our hub Please read this post; to guide you

  9. Kelly(hair trigger)22 April 2014 at 12:11

    Hey Dabs,who missed me?�� been a min! Yea, my product was d first..haha, my sister and I can disturb Dabs for Africa,lol.. I missed u, dear and I'm glad I made u try hair trigger..d hair trigger company needs to erect monuments in my honor,lol.. I'm glad u loved it and still use it..I'm almost out and will be ordering soon.. Pls stock the large one with pound cake scent for me,ok? Thanks boo.. How's our baby?


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