So one of the signature whipped Shea Butter mixes we offer at Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub is the Whipped Choco Shea butter and We've been asked why we offer it and how to make it a couple of times so this post is all about that.

Cocoa's numerous health benefits is a nourishing treat for skin and hair—adding shine, vibrancy, and improving the general health of both.
Cocoa has flavanoids, rich in magnesium,  protein, riboflavin, vitamin A and thiamine; minerals that helps to combat hair loss. Also contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants than many other sources on Earth, which is also really great for your skin. Also, if used consistently over time, the cocoa powder can darken the hair strands- source
There are different forms of Cocoa, we chose to use cocoa powder in its purest form.

Most times Cocoa is used as a hair mask mixed with conditioner, yoghurt or water but we decided to whip it with shea butter so it serves the purpose of sealing in moisture and acting as a antioxidant and infusing all those nutrients in your hair strands plus the added benefit of smelling divine!!!Don't attempt to taste it though because pure cocoa tastes bitter!

So lets get to the HOW;

Whip 100% Shea butter in an electric mixer;

 Add your oils; Here I added Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Added Glycerin;

Finally I added 100% Cocoa powder which I got from the baking aisle at the grocery store ( Make sure the ingredient label says JUST COCOA POWDER, no added sugar or preservatives);


Rich Chocolatey Shea Butter goodness!! Love it!!

So that's that, feel free to try out my recipe if you want. In other news, the APRIL IMPORT WINDOW OPENS TOMORROW  TILL THE 7TH as usual, so ladies that want hair/beauty products, please feel free to email with your orders and we will gladly deal with them!!

Thanks for your support!!



  1. Hi Dabs,

    When are the imports for March coming in?

  2. Hi Dabs, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your blog and the fact that you reply messages even if it's on an old post.. I know you're crazy busy with work, family, etc.. but you still take out time to reply.. Thanks a million...

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  4. Wow great post as usual bt a quick quastion tho what does d cocoa powder does to the hair pls


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