How's everyone doing! If you are staring at the title of this post and are like WHAT? Did she mean transitioning to natural hair?! As that's the popular practice now, I understand but believe it or not, more and more Naija naturals have reached out to me in recent time asking me to help them as they decide to stop being natural to having healthy relaxed hair.

Most ladies that have approached me have been on both sides of the coin, they were relaxed became natural for a few years have gotten tired or too busy or whatever the reason and now want to be relaxed again and that's completely fine by me but where they go wrong is failing to realize that they have to prepare their hair for that change. Erroneously, people think you only need to transition to natural hair and don't need to transition to being relaxed, you just decide one day, buy a relaxer and put it on your hair and that's it! The issue with that approach is that you completely alter the texture of your hair in a few minutes, forever and your hair is left SHOCKED asking what just happened! 

Right now I am on a top secret mission to transform one NHCG reader's hair...She came in to relax her natural hair and I have put her on a regimen to ensure that this time she gets it right!

Think about it, the whole premise of 'TRANSITIONING' to natural hair is really about managing two hair textures and in so doing, you get to know more about your hair, what products it likes and doesn't...same thing I'd recommend with going relaxed!
So here are a few tips for those of you who want to become relaxed (again :)

Before you transition, you'd have to be on a regimen and know what products your hair likes and doesn't. You know I'm of the school of thought that relaxed and naturals can mostly use the same products, my hair is living proof! So know what YOUR hair likes first and stock up on it.

Give your hair at least a month of intense deep conditioning every weekend and make sure you have trimmed ends( take out all split and uneven ends).

On relax day, don't go and grab a super strength relaxer because your hair is 'stubborn' oh! This time, we are changing things up, you should get a regular relaxer; no lye or lye-your choice. It's better to have under processed hair than over processed hair.

The relaxer should be applied STRICTLY according to the instructions written down for virgin hair relaxing. This is the only time you can relax to the tips and comb  just ONCE preferably with a medium teeth comb not a small tooth comb. Apply to your edges mid way if you have a full hairline or later if you have thin edges, smooth with the back of your comb only. Wash out thoroughly once the time is up!

Follow the the relaxer treatment with a protein based deep condition after washing and conditioning the relaxer to infuse strength into your  strands.

Once you are done, dry your hair in a roller set or straightner (without smoke and flames! Lol)-this step is so your ends are straight and can be further trimmed if necessary.

And with that, the journey continues!! Nothing much should change, go on with your regimen, trim when you need, touch up advisably after 12 weeks.

As for styling, that's where the main adjustment is, your twist out won't look quite the same, your braid outs or updo's too so know that before you take the plunge...

Please, please and please, don't relax your hair and think, well I'm not going to bother with all the things I used to do as a natural and expect your hair to flourish...nope, sadly it won't and you will be back to square one and will blame the relaxer and go natural again, get tired and go relaxed again only to get it damaged and the cycle continues...whew! My head is aching from just typing that!! Please don't do it to yourself!

Hair care is a life long dedication that if we were taught when we were little girls, will be absolutely no big deal now, but since we weren't we think it's more work than it really is, I'm begging you to change that thinking and put in some effort, no matter how little and you will see the difference.
With that, I have come to the end of my post, hope it helps those who have reached out to me about becoming relaxed.

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  1. I actually visualised "hair being shocked and asking what just happened?" It was funny. Hehe. I agree, all types of products work for my hair as well

    1. Haha, me too. But I would rather straighten my hair than relax it. Even if it means constant straightening.

  2. Very insightful post. I remember getting my first relaxer; I wasn't on a hair journey, didn't know half as much as I do now about hair, but I read all the instructions in the leaflet and spent a month following them. That was how I knew to base my scalp, to wait 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after to braid, to tackle breakage before attempting to relax, and not to exceed the recommended time. My hair was better for it.
    When I learnt more years later my preparation improved. Relaxing is not the easy way out as some people think. Hair requires care no matter how you choose to wear it.
    (Sorry for the long comment Dabs). Great blog

  3. Great read as always. I've been reading your blog for a while now but never left a comment. I've been applying some of your healthy hair practices and my hair is thriving. Currently at 6 weeks post relaxer attempting a stretch of 20weeks with the hope of relaxing at the hub when I end my stretch. Hoping to see you soon

  4. Excellent hair. So beautiful and looks so healthy. Want to offer you some tips of hair-dos for New Year parties: Check out my weblog Hair transplant in Pakistan

  5. How does one reach you for consultation? I'm currently attempting to re-grow my edges and get my hair back to it's original colour.

  6. Your hair looks so lustrous. My friend says that drinking coffee can get you hair like those. Is that true?

  7. Hellow dear Dab, i have course stubborn hair,can i use regular relaxer or super stength, please help me dear am about to relax my hair


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