Its been a while since I blogged and that's because since we launched the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub last week Saturday on my birthday, I have been quite busy, making sure everything runs smoothly and for our first week, I will say we have done pretty well if I say so myself! But there's still work to be done and as we trod on with our plans, I will make sure to keep you all in the loop.

Till then for the benefit of those who haven't opened the Instagram pictures on the top right of the home page or visited and liked our facebook page HERE, Here are a few pictures from the launch;

Savvy & Chic Ushers :)

                                        Spice TV'S YVONNE PEPPER OKWESA

The Three Musketeers- My Sister, myself and my Mum!

Leslie Okoye and I- Our magazine cover girl!!

                                             MD Le Plat Cusine and My darling Sister :)

EZ of BeautyinLagos Blog

OAP/Actress Oreka Godis

Once again I will like to say a big thank you to all those who graced the occasion and made it such a colorful event.
Remember the dress I blogged about in my last post where I was contemplating the hair style that will go with it;

I pampered myself with a makeup session by Joyce Jacob of JJB

...I achieved the look with a simple twist out with curled ends by using pillow soft rollers on the ends of 6 big plaits that morning;

I wanted to recreate Hair style 3;

But I ran out of time and decided to just leave it down...

Then came time to show the store which went from;


In 3 nerve wrecking weeks!!I just thank God and I will go into detail on everything about the transformation on the INTERIOR DECOR WITH DAB'S PAGE.

In other news, I AM RE-OPENING THE IMPORT WINDOW TOMORROW!!! From the 1st to the 7th of February you will be able to order and pay for products of your choice and get them 3 weeks later at the end of the month. Things have changed slightly though, payments and orders will be made through Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub.  Simply send an email to with the subject FEB. IMPORT. Once we issue an invoice, you will be asked to pay into the Savvy & Chic Account. Another change is, you can now order not just hair but BEAUTY products also, we however reserve the right to decide what product can be classified as 'Beauty' if need be.

Finally, thanks, thanks and thanks again to all the ladies who have sent in their starting pictures for the 6 inches of growth challenge 2014. In the coming days, I will post a complete list all the ladies who entered so If you have sent a picture and would not like your's to be posted please indicate by sending me an email. I am super excited about the challenge and determined to make it worth your while!

One of the new protective style techniques; well in these parts(Nigeria) that I am pioneering is CROTCHET EXTENSIONS (You know we need all the length retention we can get in this challenge).

I encountered the technique years ago, but when I tried it with a crotchet pin, I found that my hair was getting caught in it so I abandoned it till I saw this video of it being done with a flexible, plastic, harmless beader and that's what we are using at Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub.
NO NO for us with a crotchet pin!

YES YES with a plastic beader!

On Wednesday we successfully installed expression extensions with this technique, the client Mrs. Sowemimo left us with her hair protected, her ends preserved from pulling and tugging and head, headache free! 

I will be using some curly human hair with this technique this weekend and I will be sure to keep you all updated! If you want to book an appointment to get your hair done with this technique, please call 08090613325.

Thanks for all the support ladies, much love and God's blessings in the new month!



  1. oh wow Dabs, Congratulations!!! you look lovely and the decoration is seriously fab! impressive stuff....wishing you God's blessings all the way. :-)

  2. Awwwww Dabs! Big Congrats. May God be with you in all your endeavors. IJN. I'm super proud of u.......

    1. Thanks ladies for all your support! God bless you all!

  3. Lovely pictures Dabs, you look gorgeous. Congratulations with the launch x

  4. Kai! (to myself) Jambudu, u no try, Smh. Dabs, I Celebrate You! God will continue to grease your plans and efforts o. I haven't neglected you. Tho this is my first comment in months (hiding my face) and after a very brief "sighting" new year's day lol. I promise this year I will endeavor to attend all your events, in Jesus name. Amen. I no go kill myself ontop say I dey run business and forget I have a life! Lol! Again I Celebrate You Dabs! Congratulations!

  5. Well done Dabs. You are very hardworking. Keep growing bigger.

  6. Beautiful and the concept is very cool!!! I'm really proud of you boo! GOD BLESS YOU!!

  7. Girl!!!!! These pictures are TOTALLY FAB!! So, do we call the book appointments only for the crochet hair do, or to book appointments generally??

  8. Wow! Beautiful place. Makes me wish I lived in Lagos. Congratulations on the opening. This is just the beginning of bigger and greater things for you and yours. Really interested in the crotchet extensions/braids. I love what you did with your customer. Looks easy breezy.

  9. Please how do I book an appointment? My hair is crying for help.

  10. Wow Dabs congrants you are such an inspiration.

  11. Congrats Dabs! You really did a great job with the re-decoration.

  12. Congrats Dabs, the place looks amazing. Gutted that I could not be there for the opening and looking forward to seeing it in person.

  13. Congrats on your new venture. May your passion fuel your success. You deserve it. Nice to see your mum and sis come to support you. They must be so proud.

  14. Congrats to you, Dabz - young and accomplished! Is that your mum cos she looks very young?


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