The Savvy &  Chic Launch is this Saturday by God's grace and its a very special day because it's also my birthday!! I am super exhausted excited and I am really looking forward to a chill evening. This post is extending an invite to 3 NHCG readers resident in Lagos who would like to attend the launch and hang with me and a number of hair/beauty enthusiasts who we have invited; Invite as follows-

To be one of the three invitees, please answer this question under the comment section- What year was Savvy & Chic incorporated? First three correct answers win. NOTE; YOU MUST BE RESIDENT IN LAGOS OR BE PRESENT IN LAGOS ON SATURDAY TO QUALIFY.

In other news, I am! I had a dress made for me inspired by this dress I saw Rocsi from BET wear to one of the award shows;

Now I don't know how my hair should be!!My new growth is fully on display, edges are not cooperating but I refuse to relax my hair till 12 weeks, so what am I going to do!!

I have gotten 3 hairstyles all saying three different things and I'd love if you guys can help me choose which style suits my situation best keeping in mind the style of the dress though I had mine made in black and white...Here are the 3 contenders;

should I go Elegant?

OR Big Hair, Don't care?
 Credit- Instagram@curlbox

OR a twist out updo?

Help a sis out below!! Can't wait to meet the 3 NHCG winners!!

Thanks to all who took part in guessing the year Savvy & Chic was incorporated, can't wait to finally meet some of you in person.

See you there Cee, MsBee and Olufunke. You are correct Savvy & Chic HBH was incorporated in 2008.



  1. Mmy! Happy birthday. God is good to you. I hope he shows me same goodness. Hair No.2 will be great. Love.

  2. Yaay! Congrats Dabs! Lemme give it a try. Savy and Chic was incorporated in 2012. And I think you should go with Hair number 3

  3. When shall you come to Abuja? Oh when? When? When?

  4. do the twist out updo, i think you would rock it :-) wish i was invited but cant even hazard a guess though i recall reading about in September last year, so i say 2013. please when do you start taking appointments my hair needs you!!!

  5. Hello dab, I sent u a mail on sunday and u've not replied yet....pls help a sister out. Hair 3 will look great on you

  6. I'm sorry I made a mistake when typing the year the last time. Savy and Chic was incorporated in 2008. Thanks

  7. Happy birthday in advance Dabbs :) I'm new here. Been going thru ur blog, its quite interesting. sent you a mail to pls kindly respond. Savy and chic was incorporated in 2011. I say you go for the twist out updo look :)

  8. Savvy & Chic was incorporated in 2008. Hair 3 would look great with the dress.

  9. So no walk in's to Savvy & Chic? Ok......

  10. It was incorporated in 2008. I think the second hairstyle will be better. letting down your hair will be better for a dress like that. I am in Lagos on saturday

  11. Hey Oju Congrats on your launch. Very proud of you. I am inspired by your work. Keep up the good work.

  12. Hi Dabs,

    Whats the address of your new store? I want to come and buy some hair products. Thanks.

  13. Hi dabs, congrats on achieving this milestone. I sent a mail to you dome days back about meeting you in person and also asked on instagram but I hvnt hrd from you. My stay in lagos is limited and I really don't know when I'l be here next. Would be grateful if you reply pls.VIANNEY(amaka odoh)

  14. Hair No 3 will be flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. DABOJU!!! Oya put up another post and tell us how to make appointments!!! I have been saving my new growth for you oo!!!!

  16. I am loving that carolsdaughter93 hairstyle!


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