Hope you all are well! The import window is open, thanks to all those shopping with us! I decided to do a product review of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray that I got in December after seeing it featured on an Instagram page.

I had high hopes for this product and immediately toot its horns when I got it by posting on Instagram; 'Christmas came early'. Well 2/3 months down the line, I am once again underwhelmed by another Carol's Daughter product! I am almost tempted to concluded that this brand is not for my hair!! And the fact that its not cheap (unit cost for this product is $18 exclusive of shipping costs) is another regretful situation...before I go on, let's look at what's in it!

Ingredients; water, Agave tequilana stem extract, some cones, hydrolyzed wheat protein, citric acid, sunflower extract, hydrolyzed vegetable oil, hydrogenated castor oil, sweet almond fruit extract, apricot kernel extract and lots of more chemicals...

Claims;No alcohol, No parabens, No petroleum, No mineral oil, No artificial colors. Give curls the renewing boost they need with this lightweight refresher spray that re-moisturizes, redefines and renews your curls, kinks and waves.

Directions; Spray evenly on hair to reactivate curls, use your fingers to reshape, scrunch curls back into shape...

My Verdict; I have already expressed how this product rubbed me... to be honest when I saw the product the first comparable product that came to my mind was Mane and Tail's detangler because of how liquid it looked and so I thought I'd be able to use it on days I want to make combing my hair hassle free without wetting it with water, then I also thought I could use it on days my hair is in a bun and I just want to smooth the base of the bun...

Unfortunately when I excitedly used it the first time, humming away in front of the mirror spritzing every inch of my hair from root to tip, thinking hmm I love the smell (it smells great)...I styled my hair, I think I was trying to revive a twist out...I kid you not by the time the product was totally dry, my hair was stiff! It had this feeling of being coated which I can't stand! So I blamed it on my heavy handed application but subsequently when I've used it, each time that coated, weighed down hair feeling is the result.

I finally figured out what this product is comparable to...A HAIR SPRAY!! Its purpose is to keep those curls in place and while there's no alcohol in it like most hair sprays have, there is definitely something in it that's made to stiffen the hair and for that reason, me no like this product; No No!!

I haven't given up on this brand yet even though I am quickly thinking this is one of those brands zeroed in on the needs of naturals only seeing as the CEO is natural herself, but we will see. Who has tried this product before? What of other Carol's Daughter Products, are you a fan? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

P.S This weekend I will officially publish a compiled list of all the contenders for the 6 Inches of growth challenge for 2014.
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  1. My friend in the US who is also natural told me that the Carol's daughter line is actually not that great and that they only work on the psyche of people through social media and a great marketing strategy. That could be why you are not enjoying it like you hoped.

  2. you are so right I've noticed that!

  3. I've tried so many Carol's Daughter's products and most of them have been duds. The only one that I enjoyed was the Monoi Conditioner. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person that they don't work for!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Hello fellow hair obssessed ladies. I recently just read somewhere online about tea rinse. Has any one ever done it? How effective is it?

  5. All of these so-called products made specifically for blk people are nothing but crap. Its funny cos these same people were the ones complaining that there are no "good" products for black people, only for them to get into the market and make the same nonsense they were complaining against....smh. All na to mk money

  6. In other news, please help me!!! I just took out my weave, and realized that my hair has been falling out (I wish I could send you pictures for you to see). In my 10 yrs of growing out my hair, I have never had this much breakage/shedding. The back of my hair and the sides are pretty much chopped off and it keeps shedding each time i comb it. Please help me; I need tips to eradicate this problem. Thanks Dabs.

    1. Hi. I made an entry but I was trying to reply to you. See below.

  7. Dear Anonymous, you need to hydrate your hair. Apply some deep conditioner like Aphoghee 5 min reconstructor. I have a blog too keiyahood on blog spot. I also recommend you get some coconut oil and some plastic caps to sleep in because that will help you keep your hair hydrated. Good luck

    1. Thank you Keiya Hood for your response. Its funny you mentioned Aphogee. I just got the 2 mins reconstructor and the 2 step protein treatment. I also got Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque, which ive been using plus some oil treatment (mixture of castor, argan, grade seed olive and plam oil) but i havent attained the softness I'm hoping for, and although the breakage has reduced, I still see some shedding. I just received my aphogee in the mail and we'll see how that works. Thanks for your tip.

  8. I thought it was only me. ..Carol's Daughter... has not made my hair feel the way I was expecting. I started experimenting with products last year. I purchased all of the products in the Monoi Oil line and wasn't that impressed. I also bought the Chocolate blow out set. The products are expensive and they smell nice.

    Since I have gotten real seriuos about my hair journey I am going to try them again. That is the shampoo,conditioner and deep conditioner and use the oil and the anti breakage product to seal my ends. I really liked the Monoi spray. I am actually out of it and may buy more for moisturizing but right now I am just using coconut oil and olive oil and sleeping in a plastic cap to make sure my hair retains hydration.


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