The Full Scoop of the October NHCG Salon Day out!

So I am here with a full report of how it all went down last week Saturday-the most fun time I have had hairwise since I started this blog because I got to see you my dear readers and we got to mingle and gist HAIR-so fun!

As I mentioned earlier, it will be a monthly affair, preferably the first Saturday of every month, the next one is on the 2nd of November-same venue( more on that as the time draws nearer) so if you missed this month's salon day out, you can always join us next month!!

Now back to the scoop- the salon day out was scheduled to start at 11am; By 10 am I was supposed to be there however due to unforeseen baby drama; ( the arrangements I made to cater for my 2 months old baby fell through) I found myself making new arrangements at past 10am and running late to my Own event!! Bobe the salon owner called me at 11am and said 'ladies are waiting for you Dabs!' by this time I was on the road driving to the venue like a mad Lagos driver!Lol

Got there just in time to be welcomed by Osayi who was waiting for me at the steps ready to flog me( in her own words) lol, then the introductions started, 'Hi, I am Dabs, thanks for coming, you are?' I'd hear the name and immediately a mail or comment I have received from the person would flash in my mind, it was so fun to finally see the faces of ladies I have had chats with numerous times over the internet!! Now if I bumped into them somewhere I'd know who they were!-That's what I was thinking as we made our introductions!

My Nanny, 2 cousins and My able Son!! :)

The atmosphere was chill and friendly as I had prayed for and we quickly got down to business, the products made their way out on the table, bananas, avocados, coconut milk, henna, eggs, honey and all the natural hair ingredients were put on a separate table( unfortunately we forgot to take pictures and ladies were reluctant to try them :(- I promise having eggs in your hair is NOT that bad!!  From that table only Henna and coconut milk was used....

Ladies were however all over the hair products table and shelf asking about the products, what their uses were etc...

How cute is Bola's ( a NHCG reader) son- He kept my son busy :)

Francisca was taking notes :) 

Bobe introduced me to Nenna O exclusive distributor of the ingenious SUPER MILLION HAIR who told me all about her product and began demonstrations on two ladies Dami and Lola; All she did was apply a little of the keratin dust/ hairs and n an instant the area where she applied it was looking full of hair! See my next post reviewing the Super Million Hair.




The arrows show where the product was applied and how the scalp/hair line was instantly filled out!

Then there were ladies who came to get their hair done; 

Chizoba freshened her kinky braids with a deep condition with Honey;

Nike deep conditioned with Queen Helen's Cholesterol and essential oils and I trimmed her ends using the finger gliding method so that shorter ends could be trimmed as well and then I styled her hair in a protective style;

The plan was that the hair stylists at the salon will be the ones to attend to customers but to ease the work load, your very own Dabs decided to wear gloves and a salon apron and get to work!!

My first client :)  was Dami!
Her case was peculiar, she had been natural for 6 years, decided to soften her natural hair at a salon with a 'straightening system' that she was told was NOT a relaxer, so she allowed them use it on her hair thinking she would still be natural, well let's just say this 'straightening system' FRIED her hair!! Her dilemma when she came was 'do I relax my hair now with an actual relaxer or remain 'natural'..she had a weave when she came and I couldn't wait to see her hair underneath. When the weave was taken out and I felt her ends I told her this hair is NOT natural again, it's better to relax it and take care of it as relaxed hair moving forward rather than being stuck in that awkward not relaxed but not natural phase! So she agreed...

I used a pack of my beloved Silk Elements Mega silk relaxer( she was the lucky lady that used it for free) and relaxed it the NHCG way-relaxed just the new growth, protected the ends with moisturizer, conditioner and oils, she wanted texlaxed hair so the application was swift, had her hair washed and had them rollerset it the NHCG way with oiled scalp and tips and Silk elements conditioning mousse; was sooo scared for the outcome but thankfully all was well; here's the after- Soft luscious curls- 

Dami hope I see you next month so we can keep track of your hair.

Au naturale Yolanda got a Henna Mask;

Adaobi had a coconut milk and Queen Helene cholesterol deep condition;

She got a blowdry with cool air using CHI products which left her hair super soft!

Then I had my talk; I talked on having a hair regimen that works, thanks to the ladies that made it interactive with the questions ranging from kid's hair care to products, regimens, hair breakage ...

After the talk, there was just a bit of mingling and rounding up and we were done!! The first ever NHCG Salon day out was concluded! I was extremely happy and exhausted!! The experience was worthwhile and fun, when I got home I got a bb message from one of the attendees; Koyin and she said 'I actually had fun, so glad to hang around people who don't think you're weird because all you want to talk about is hair!!'LOL I think that sums up this post-The NHCG Salon day out is the one day you get the chance to talk/do HAIR-not fashion, not makeup, not designers....JUST HAIR!! Join us next month as I plan to step up with the organization, products, ambiance etc and just create the best atmosphere that would enable you leave feeling good about your hair!!

Thanks again to all the ladies that came to support, hope to see you in November!!

As usual, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, all that gisting about hair....Wish I was there.. Someday soon I hope.. My entire family thinks I'm a weirdo 'cause I'm always going on and on about hair.. If being obsessed with my hair means I end up with a healthy head of long hair, so be it.. Don't mind me sha, just venting that I missed out on what would've been an awesome day out... Well done, keep up the good work..

  2. Dabs let me state here that it was such a pleasure to meet you. Your blog motivated me to start taking care of my hair and my hair has flourished because of it. Thank you so much for that! The henna treatment I got is also very effective, as I'm cowashing my hair this very minute and I've noticed very little shedding and breakage.
    Kelly is so sad she wasn't able to attend. Hopefully she'll get to attend one of the day outs whenever she's in the country :)

    1. Yolanda it was lovely to meet you! Thanks so much

  3. Wow, you ladies had so much fun o. Wish I was able to attend :(

  4. Dabs,dis is just soo unfair,wrong,etc.. I lounged all year,in Lagos and no such thing came,I'm away,just a blink and all diz hair volcanoes are erupting. I'm beefing all of u..*bbnottalkingsmiley*,lol..Awwwww,i was just screaming all through..U know what I said to Yolanda,this morning? I said,'so,u got to experience Dabs' 'blessed touch' and she goes,'hell,yea! In ur face' and I was green with envy.This is soo amazing,awesome,everything. Kai,i missed. It is well sha. Dabs,u owe me..BIG TIME! By d way,u look amazing,more gorg than I expected,esp for someone dat just put to bed..congrats,thumbs up..keep it up. Kelly(hair trigger)

  5. Your blog has been a motivating factor coupled with its by our very own naija person, in lag bcos most of the hair blogs  follow are by pple not in Nigeria,  av bn shoulder length like forever but since  started been dedicated to my hair august last year to my last relaxer touch-up in mid august  have hit & grown past APL a little even With the post partum shedding,my next stop is BSL, the only challenge is getting all or most of the hair products but my way out is to order thanks to walmart & amazon when getting my children clothings as  sell baby items,  have started a blog but lack of time isn't allowing me chronicle my lessons learnt as per hair, baby et al. Hope 2 experience dabs touch if she will come to our part of d country.

  6. Hi Dabs, this is Dami. best decision I made for sure. Should have done it sooner. Everyone loves my hair and to be honest I was worried about shedding but the garnier leave-in and the horse mane you sold me have been so helpful!!! I am happy. I think I want to do a moisturizing deep condition this weekend...the ends seem dry (which is expected since I let them fry my hair)...Can you do a post on the different types of deep conditioning and the purpose of each...see you next month.

  7. Looked like a fun event dear, glad everything well. Will love to make it to the next event. xx

  8. Awww Oju, super proud of you. This looked like such a great event. I see you've met Chizoba finally. Lagos people get to have all the fun.

  9. pls when is the next one o, I must be there

  10. It was truly a fun relaxed day...thanks Dabs for bringing it all together. I absolutely love the Cantu Shea butter which my Nachi hair loves. Hugs and kisses to your cute little prince. See you next month!

  11. This sounded like so much fun! Wish I could have been there. Keep up the good work Dabs. Much love


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