How's everyone doing? I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all the Lagos ladies and ladies visiting town that showed up for the first ever NHCG SALON DAY OUT!! It was such a fun activity packed day as I anticipated and prayed for!


 My next post will be a proper break down of everything that went down with pictures! Till then I'd like to say a huge thank you to Bobe the owner of The Blow Dry Bar( our venue), her stylists Chi Chi, Bose and co. who were very cooperative and took all my directions without complaining!

Natural UK Based Blogger Cookie of the blog COOKIE'S REAL HAIR CARE who came with a friend and has the most gorgeous set of natural curls ever!

 Thanks to Nenna O.

Who  is the exclusive distributor of one of the most ingenious hair products I have ever seen- she came to demonstrate how the product works and let's just say it will be a life saver for ladies with receding hairlines! Its called SUPER MILLION HAIR (SMH) I will be doing an entire review/post on this product which two lucky ladies got to try out on Saturday at the salon day out! MORE ON IT ON MY NEXT POST (love a bit of suspense :)

EZ of the blog Beauty In Lagos came out to hang with us just in time for my talk- Thanks Hun

Finally thanks to all the wonderful NHCG readers; Chizoba, Nike, Koyin, Jadesola, Ramatu, Osayi, Yolanda, Omoye and her sis, Bola, Lola, Jennifer, Adaobi, Dami, Fransisca, Faka, Akoma and all the other lovely ladies that came whose names I didn't get or cannot recall...

Thanks sooo much for spending Saturday with me, hope you will join me again next month, if you read this blog and didn't get the chance to come, hope I will see you next month which I am planning will be bigger and better...till my next post where I break down how it all went down on Saturday, enjoy my very first post on my INTERIOR DECOR WITH DABS page where I re-purpose a few unusual items in unusual places in my home :)

As usual, Thanks so much for all the support; the October import window closed today, thanks to all that placed orders, I'm on it!!



  1. awesome. i'm happy it went well!

  2. It was very very informative! I totally enjoyed it.Was a pleasure to meet you, thanks for having me :D xx

    1. Awww glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again for coming!! :)

  3. Congrats. It is that food table I am most interested in, lol.

  4. Hey dabs.
    Ok, this is going to be one epistle of a comment. I stumbled on this blog on sunday evening, and immediately wished I'd seen it earlier. I will definitely be shopping when the next import window opens, and I'll try not to miss the next salon day out for all of africa.
    Dabs, where have you been all my life? I'd say I have pretty healthy hair, although its uneven in places. I'd totally given up on ever having long hair, but since sunday evening, I've been inspired to grow my hair almost as lng as yours by december next year.
    I've got my castor oil, olive oil and ori, just as soon as I finished reading all your posts.(Yup, I studied and took notes).
    Essentally, u've got me hooked.
    Thank you Dabs.

  5. hehe..very interesting blog..i like!!


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