So I have been raving about this product since I saw it at the salon day out because I know it's gonna be a life saver for many!!!

A few facts;
 My post-10 THINGS TO STOP A RECEDING HAIR LINE' here is my most read post with sixty six thousand, eight hundred and seventy five (66875) views!!

Out of 10 women that mail me in a week 9 will complain about their hair line and edges!!

Our edges are the most fragile part of our hair...

Loss of hair at the edges can be hard to treat, it can even be irreversible if ignored for too long and it becomes alopecia areata.

To treat your edges or any thinning area of your scalp, you NEED to air it out and not hide it in weaves or extensions.

Airing out a receding hair line or thinning hair can be embarrassing...


The Super Million Hair has come to the rescue!!!

Let's hear from the makers...

Intensive research has led to Super million hair – the most advanced method of thickening your hair without the need for surgery or expensive laser therapy. Cutting edge laser technology slices pure organic keratin (the very thing that your hair is made of) into micro-sized hair fibres. All you have to do is to sprinkle the fibres onto your hair or the area you are trying to cover, these fibres will cling and blend in with your existing hair, giving extra volume. It almost seems like magic because it covers the area completely.

Super million hair can be used with your existing treatment so either way its a win win.

That last sentence right there was what caught my attention immediately and made me dance for joy!! What they are saying is that the product does not interfere as you treat your thinning edges rather it ensures that the state of your edges are your own little secret!! No one has to know your edges are thinning and no one ever will! The results are so natural it's almost unbelievable!!
Another plus for this product is how easy and swift the entire process is! All you need to do is just sprinkle the area you want covered, pat it with your fingers and use the spray provided to keep the hairs in place and in 10 seconds you have a full hair line. The spray provided ensures that the hairs are water proof so if you sweat or it rains? NO SHAKING!!lol
To take it out all you will need to do is wash/co-wash your hair! Its that easy!! Before you apply it, you can apply your black castor oil, hair trigger growth elixir, oil mix, onions, garlic or whatever you are using to treat the affected area then you can go ahead and cover the area and walk out the house with your head held high! Don't you just love that!!!
To purchase THE SUPER MILLION HAIR in Lagos mail me or check the following locations;
 Ebeano supermarket lekki 1, Make me Surulere , BNatural Ikeja and VI, Blowdry bar, Lespace 19a olosa VI.
In Abuja; The Nail bar Abuja, Exclusive Stores Abuja.
Other Parts of  Nigeria; mail me and I will send it to you!!
Those Naomi Campbell days...
 ARE OVER!! sorry Naomi you are all that and a bag of chips but your hairline neeeeds super million hair! :)
PS. I went for a hair event yesterday and I have A LOT to say about how it went...stay tuned!!
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  1. All I can say is WOW! Need some of that fo sho!

  2. you are one of the inspirations that made me go on a hair journey. am still learning the challenges of practising more healthier hair habits. pls show some support and visit my baby blog

  3. Oh wow
    This is amazing
    I have very healthy edges but I'm so interested, I want to try it or watch it work on someone!

  4. Hello Dabs,
    Came across ur blog this evening,ur hair is so lovely and wld love to achieve same,am currently wearing braids and intent textlaxing once I loosen braids in 2 weeks,the last time I relaxed my hair was in April,I believe I shld have a lot of under growth,kindly advise on products I cld use to moisturise,oil,seal on a daily basis.thank u

  5. Long and beautiful hair has always been my dream. I've tried a lot of shampoos, conditioners and other recipes for increasing hair growth, but my hair was not so thick and healthy, so I had to cut it again and again. Eventually I understood that the best effect comes when nutrition is done from inside out. Basic nutrients should come from food, but there are seasons when we strongly suffer from the lack of vitamins. Recently I've started taking nutritional supplement Hair Gain Formula by Military Grade. I must say, result was above expectations! I detect lots of short hair on my head and it grows quicker. I hope my dream of a long hair would soon come true.


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