How's everyone doing? I hope all is well at your ends, Lagos ladies I hope you are gearing up for the first ever NHCG SALON DAY OUT!! Its going to be a new exciting salon experience for everybody! Imagine salon counters with eggs, honey, bananas, avocados and then having all the BEST hair products at your disposal!! I can't wait to see the BEFORES AND AFTERS!! Please if you are free don't hesitate to come join us!!

Now to the topic at hand, I decided to relax my 10 weeks post relaxer mane yesterday night and I am here with an update! I could have waited longer( I planned to wait till December) but because I just had a baby and my hair would most definitely start its post partum shedding from October/ November ( My hair started post partum shedding 3-4 months after I had my first baby) I didn't want to add the stress of dealing with my new growth to the shedding that I will experience, the heart break will be too much, so I decided to get my roots touched up!

This decision was on whim, I didn't even have my beloved Silk elements relaxer( Its coming with the imports presently being cleared at customs) but I could not wait till next week after calculating that my next relaxer in December would fall just in time for my mum's birthday celebration and you know how I like my edges for special occasions, so I had to step out into Ebeanor Supermarket in Lekki( Lekki's Walmart :) and hoped to find a relaxer that I would like ( all relaxers generally have the same components only major difference is whether there's lye or no lye or the strength of the relaxer- see this post for more details)

Anyways, I settled for this relaxer by Hawaiian Silky;
Their Argan oil hydrating sleek no lye conditioning relaxer- The argan oil got my attention but as I suspected the relaxer composition is the same as other no lye relaxers, no argan oil in it ( sorry Dabs) it however came with a sample size of their specially formulated healing oil with argan oil in it;

Now to the process! As usual, I sectioned my hair into three sections, prepped my ends with Bio Silk conditioner (any conditioner is fine) and sealed the conditioned ends with Grape seed oil and combed through with a wide tooth comb;

 Then I brought out my Red Sprush because I wanted to be as delicate as possible with my new growth, applied the relaxer to my new growth section by section;

I was done smoothing the new growth with the sprush and a tail comb which I used once over in about 20 minutes';

I added more hair conditioner and oil to the ends for extra protection while I washed out the relaxer with warm water, shampooed and conditioned with the shampoo and conditioner provided in the pack and used cold water to rinse out everything so that my cuticles would be sealed.

I let my hair air dry as usual and then applied the healing oil they provided from root to tip; The oil is light weight and smells nice;
 Now to the result;

My roots were just the way I like them, with a bit of texture and not bone straight, this relaxer is actually decent, I did feel some itching during the process more than I do with my Silk Elements relaxer but it was nothing major and did not result in any burns. I also did not notice my hair shed out from the roots like I experienced when I used Optimum care's relaxer some time ago... In all its definitely a relaxer I would try again if I am without my Silk Elements relaxer; Naija Ladies looking for a good relaxer, try this one hopefully Ebeanor keeps stocking it!
 Now to my Length Check;

This was my hair in July after my last relaxer treatment;  My ends are just grazing the no. 9 line on the right hand side, the left side still has some way to go...

This is my hair now in September;
I am very pleased with my results!! My left side has caught up with the right side and my ends are at least 1/2 an inch past the no. 9 line meaning I retained my entire 1 inch gained from the 2 months stretch- 1/2 an inch from where they were to the 9 inches line and 1/2 inch past the line!! And to think I was looking at my hair after I relaxed it and wondering if there was any difference; that's why having a length check T-shirt is good to encourage you as your her progresses and to alert you if you are making no progress, make one if you are on a hair journey!! 

So that's that for now ladies... If your hair is due for relaxing, don't hesitate to bring it in all its due glory to the NHCG SALON DAY OUT on the 5th of October where we will be repeating every step I mentioned in this post, relaxing the NHCG way ; There will be 1 pack of my Fav. Silk Element's Megasilk relaxer for 1 lucky relaxed lady who would want to try it out or you can come with your relaxer!! As for the Pricing, I am going for a meeting with the salon owners to discuss that today but my advice would be to come for the salon day out as you would go to your salon to get your hair done, if you want to purchase the hair products
that would be up for sale; then please use the SHOP NHCG page as a guide for the pricing of the hair products...bring your Visa/ Master Card for extra shopping comfort :) Just come ready to GIVE YOUR HAIR A TREAT!!!

Finally, A BIG THANK YOU  to the following bloggers for posting up my ad and spreading the word;

And to all others who I have reached out to that are spreading the word in one way or the other!! I appreciate all the support!! Stay tuned for the NHCG September Import post!! Ladies who ordered during the import window, your goodies are on the way!!!

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