So in my last post I mentioned in passing that my dear readers in Lagos should please keep the first week of October open for a lil somthin somthin! Wellllll I am super excited to announce that it's pretty much official! I GET TO MEET YOU LADIES at the first ever NHCG SALON DAY OUT on the 5th of October!!!

Naija Hair Can Grow is collaborating with The Beauty Bar salon (owners are the organizers of the very successful monthly Le Petit Marche (LPM ) to bring you a one of a kind practical hair care and salon experience once a month preferably at the start of the month to set your hair up for a successful month ahead!!

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Come join Dabs of The blog NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW on a 1 day activity packed SALON DAY OUT!!

*The chance to pamper your hair with all the best hair product brands including Chi,  Biosilk, Shea moisture,  Aphogee, Cantu Shea butter, TRESemme naturals, Mane n Tail, organix and lots more...
Great hair oils like Jamaican black castor oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil!

 *Indulge your hair with natural hair recipes and Dab's weekend hair treats including henna glosses, egg/mayo/honey  protein treatments, bentonite clay hair masks, avocado and banana hair smoothies...

*As well as learn best hair practices; proper detangling, scalp massages, trimming/dusting your ends, using heat on your hair properly, protective styling...

*FREE hair consultation with Dabs one on one as she shares all her hair tips and tricks!

*The chance to purchase SHOP NHCG products 

The Chance to pre-order instantly for SHOP NHCG October hair product imports


Venue; The Beauty Bar

Time; 10am to 6pm, 5th of October

Hair Menu for the Day to include;
Sulphate Free  shampoo with TRESemme Naturals /Shea moisture
Sulphate Free shampoo with African Black soap
Deep Clarifying shampoo(has sulphates for deep cleansing) with Aussie Moist shampoo

Hair Condition with Aussie moist/ TRESemme naturals/ Shea moisture
Deep conditioning from the choice of any three; Eggs, Honey, Mayonnaise, Olive oil, Avocados, Henna, bananas, coconut milk

Deep conditioning with a Cholesterol Deep Conditioner;

Hair Masks;
 Bentonite Clay Hair Mask
Henna Hair Mask
Avocado Hair Mask

Black/Green Tea rinse
Mint leaves rinse
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Roller setting the NHCG method- with a conditioning mousse
Blow drying (cool air) 
Flat Ironing using low heat and CHi products- infra red/keratin mist
Flat Ironing using low heat and Paul Mitchell Super skinny serum
Bantu Knots/Twist outs-with a conditioning mousse
Extensions- Clip-in applications(clips will be available), weaves and braids

Hair Cutting into a style


Dusting/ trimming of ends
Scalp oil and massage with NHCG essential oil mix 
Moisturizing and Sealing the NHCG way

Don't miss out on this unique Salon experience that will set your hair up for a month of health and  strength, this hands on salon day out will equip you with the practical knowledge to help you learn to care for your hair YOURSELF! 

Meet other like minded Hair Journeyers and Swap ideas on hair care tips and tricks, ask all the questions you have had to ask Dabs!

Bring Your mum, aunty, sister, friend, naysayers and let them see what proper hair care is all about!! 

P.S This will ONLY be a success if you all come out and support me on the 5th of October,I can't wait to meet you ladies(put faces to the comments I read)  however if you are not in Lagos, don't worry like I said this will be a monthly affair so there's always November but if you are in town and free pleaaaaseeee come!! All the services will be priced reasonably I assure you! You will get QUALITY SERVICE from a salon for a change during the NHCG SALON DAY OUT!!!


I Will keep you posted about any more info. as the day draws near!! Please spread the word!!



  1. wow! what an awesome event for relaxed ladies.
    all the best to you

    1. Thanks :) however its not exclusive to relaxed ladies, all hair types will be welcome!

  2. Mummy! Come to Abuja o! Please come to Abuja and our own will be twice a month. :D. Superb idea. God is taking you higher. :D

    1. hey dear! your brother is very fine! An Abuja salon day out is definitely in the cards in the future! But if you are in Lagos don't hesitate to come, would love to finally meet my 'daughter'- Hee Hee :)

  3. Kudos Dabs! For those of us outside the country, we can only appreciate and sulk as well :(. I hope those who attend can also write their experiences I can convince naysayers.

  4. oh Dabs!!! why did u fix it on a day I won't be in lagos, crying......will look forward to the next one

    1. look forward to seeing you at the next one!


  5. Waooooo. this is really nice to hear. my first time to FINALLY comment. I have teied endlessly to comment but I guess today is my lucky day. I am an avid follower of your very informative and enlightening blog. I have two questions. Are we supposed to pay for the treatments at the salon day out and if yes, how much second, what are the various prices of products in the nhcg import window or us there a separate blog or something that I could visit and make selections in readiness for when the import window will begin. thanks whilst anticipating your response. Thanks and well done. oh and least I forget big congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Almighty God will watch over him and your entire family in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

    1. Yay for finally commenting!! Quite a number of ladies are complaining about not being able to comment, I really don't know what the problem is :( The treatments/ services at the NHCG Salon day out will be priced at normal salon rates, I can't specify right now because I am yet to get the final price list from the salon we are collaborating with will clarify pricing nearer the day in a post on the blog. Because the imported product requests vary from person to person, I usually prepare a custom invoice for each order so I cannot tell you particular prices for products until you have made your selection however you can use the SHOP NHCG 'what's in stock' section as a guide for product prices. Amen to your sweet prayers for my family!


  6. Yay! Dancing alanta! My perfect after exam treat!tnx Dabs !.Muah!

  7. This is a stunning innovation Dabs, cudos. Your blog is really informative and inspiring,wish u could dedicate more posts to transitioners.

  8. Wow! That sounds like an action packed day. Direct marketing is so effective and I am sure a lot of people from the community will learn some great hair care tips, I wish you luck and success!

  9. Im an avid follower of your blog and have even recommended your blog to many naysayers.i wish you will also come to Abuja cos this hair awareness order appears pretty low here.cant wait to see you here.good job

  10. DABSSSSSS!!!! My Twitter runaway friend. You'll make my life easier if you knew your way around well there. Commenting is hard. First comment now. Hope this posts. Now my question is what is the ADDRESS of the place oo? I must be there.

    P>S Congrats on your new baby. God bless you and yours.

  11. very informative blogs related hair thanks


  12. Nice work your doing out there dab, I am embracing my natural hair texture, and its really nice knowing you are our very own "naija person" . Am in Abuja and if any one is interested in buying Essential and carrier oils call/whatapp me on 08036102047. BB pin 22B73AFC

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