So I AM BACK!! Back to Lagos with my entire crew and I cannot tell you how exhausting but at the same time exciting these past few days have been!  In all, I thank God :)

Just before I left, I browsed through and saved a few pictures from this month's New York Fashion week, I have always loved checking out Fashion week pictures for hairstyle inspiration and this time was no different. While I searched I found a few hairstyles I can definitely tweak to suit me, hope some of you ladies can do the same either with your hair or by adding extensions-my preferred extension option will forever be clip-in extensions!!

So without much ado, let's proceed!!

The first hairstyle off the Kenneth Cole runway that caught my eye was this simple yet cheeky braided pigtails with the ends left undone looking crimped;


To recreate this look I would most likely have my clip in extensions spritz and braided overnight and by the next morning, I loosen the braid and clip them in at the very bottom of the braid with my hair covering the clips or if I am in a hurry a heat tool like a curling iron or crimping iron should do! Easy peasy...

The next was a hairstyle trend I found interesting- Braids with colored scarfs/cloth

Intertwined into a bun, like this one on Tia Ciban's models.


CALLA; Intertwined in fishtail braids


MARA HOFFMAN; intertwined in French braids

It could be a fun way to make use of strips of ankara materials I have lying around...

The next look that got my attention was by KATE SPADE; Her models looked so clean and crisp with the use of white nail polish, a sleek topknot and white eyeliner!

 I would love to recreate this look on one of my free 'I just feel like making up' days-been having quite a few of such days lately thanks to being on leave :)

The next hairstyle is great for ladies who want to spritz up their super long weaves, Its 3 fishtail braids at the sides and the back worn by models at the Nicholas K show!
If you don't know how to fishtail braid, go to you tube and watch tutorials that's how I learnt, its super easy and makes braids look cooler and more interesting...

The final look I was feeling was at  Naeem Khan's show- From the front, the model's hairstyle looked like it was a simple halo braid with a center part in the middle;

And then I saw the back;

LOVES IT! It's definitely a style I would love to recreate preferably when I get a fresh relaxer treatment done for the perfect sleek edges and nape hair :)

In my search, I remembered that some African designers showed at the NYFW and quickly googled to see if anything had changed, were the models going to be rocking some banging bantu knots or perhaps have dreadlocks- remember my rant in 2012 HERE, well like in 2012 nothing has changed! The two African designers whose show pictures I looked at  had their models in boring, snooze worthy hairstyles. No spunk, no pizzazz!


The models at his show had their hair sleeked to the back-zzzzzzzzz

Same thing here- I can imagine a pin up girl hairstyle with side swept bangs and soft cascading shoulder length curls really bringing this dress alive! But unfortunately hair is probably the last thing our African designers think about.

This Congolese brand Modhanik actually tried, their models had their hair teased into puffy manes, though this style doesn't reflect Africa in anyway.

 I cannot wholly fault the designers because it's not an African fashion show and the designers obviously want to appeal to their audience but still....African designers please now be more creative with your hairstyles-be the trendsetters not the slackers...pretty please :)

In other news, I have fallen all over in love with my pillow soft hair rollers-

 I have had them since last year, told you all about them and then forgot about them till I was clearing up few days ago. They are not actual rollers but rather are made up of a super soft foam cased in bendable iron round the foam and covered with white breathable cotton.

I simply spritzed my hair with some aphogee keratin green tea spritz and used a new serum from Tresemme called the Keratin infusing smoothing serum- loving it so far but any serum would do to keep the frizz to the minimum. I rolled my hair in large sections, put on my satin cap and doozed off till the next morning like I had nothing on my hair! No neck pain, no tossing and turning all night long, no unraveling through the night, the rollers all stayed intact till the next morning after dressing up when I took them out;

More results; I simply fluffed out the curls...

Great way to disguise new growth...

Yesterday night I repeated the same steps and got the same result today however I pulled back the top half of my hair and pinned it away...

As usual, when October's import window rolls around pillow soft rollers are hair rollers you can get...till then that's all for now however Lagos NHCG readers please please keep your October first week calender open, I am in talks with a few people about putting a lil somethin somethin together...till all is concrete, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Welcome back Dabs, sure did miss you. I'm getting my list ready for October Shopping Haul. Ur Hair looks Fabulous and I know that one day, some day I'll get there. #Dancing#

  2. Your hair came out really nice dear wish I had pillow soft rollers till then flexi rods will just have to do.

    1. Thx desr, you need to get them oh! Flexi rods are so uncomfi!

  3. Aww welcome bk Daboju!bn trying out ur protective styles,so far so good!

  4. My mummy is backkkkkk! *skelewu* how's my brother? Your hair is gorgeous! I am taking my hair down. Every bit of it. By December. :)

  5. These are so cute and nice hairstyles post.I have just came here when i was searching about the hairstyles 2014 .You have really done an amazing effort here .


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