How's everyone doing?! For those who have followed this blog this year, you'd have noticed that I have used quite a number of wigs as a way to protective style 
more than ever before and the Bisa wig from Janet Collection is one of the wigs I bought in August.... Its described as a 'Natural Superflow deep part lace wig'.

I saw sooo many great reviews about this wig and because of the thickness and closeness to relaxed looking straight hair, I chose to get it but when the wig came, I HATED the color I chose (I still do actually!!). I got it in SC1223 which I thought would be more of an ombré color with dark roots and blonde tips but what came was this;

Besides being super long, it came with big chunks of dark and blonde highlights which I feel are just too harsh looking and just make the wig look dated- Think Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s!!

I went ahead to chop the hair off to a more reasonable length, I chopped it diagonally so the ends are not blunt, I also tweezed the parting a little more to make the parting more pronounced and as usual used concealer on the parting to make it more natural looking.

The day I got it

This wig can also be curled as it's made of heat flex fiber- the 
heat can be up to 360F for up to 30 to 60 seconds per hold. So though it's not human hair it's premium synthetic fiber hair meaning the price is RIGHT( not expensive-wide grin) and for synthetic hair, I think the quality is quite good, it doesn't tangle easily at the length I cut it to and shedding has honestly been minimum, All I wish is that I just got a regular color like a 1b, 2 or 4!! See this wig in what I'm guessing is a 1b-

Isn't it just GORG?! Love the thickness and the texture....Oh well we live and learn!!

That's that with this wig's review! For those that have asked about imports, I unfortunately won't be opening any more windows this year until next year purely because of the stress that is involved in bringing stuff in at the end of the year(trust me I've had my share of woes) and the last thing I want to do is have people entrust me with their orders and customs frustrates us for a while now, I make sure I avoid end of year imports, that being year is around the corner and by God's grace, we will all be around then and you can order away!! Thanks for the patronage all these years!!

Who likes Bisa?



  1. Its beautiful...I shud get mine someday...God willing!

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  3. It is a really nice wig dear and suits you quite well.

  4. Looking forward to getting a wig on my next trip out!

    How much was this one?

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  7. Lovely wig and great blog! I just moved from Nigeria and getting used to having to manage myself! Is there a link to purchase the wig ?i need a wig like yesterday!

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