So the year is almost over can you believe it?! Where did all that time go?!! Anyways I've been keeping myself accountable heat wise all year long and used heat as sparingly as I I'm here to present my report card in the form of what I've coined 'My 2015 Heat Chronicle'...after I share mine, promise to share yours below and let's see how we have all fared, Deal?! Deal!!

Blow Drying- 

2 times- I blow dried my hair twice this year, recently actually...once, a week before I did my crotchet braids- and last weekend after my fresh texlax at the hub...the rest of the year I usually just air dried.

Roller Set-

1/2 I would say Nil but I remember rolling my hair sometime in the middle of the year and going under the dryer for like 20 minutes before I had to rush out to attend to something (I forget) so I took my hair home with the rollers in it...curls dropped the next day :(

Straighteners/ Thongs/ Crimps-

4 times-These heat tools are the worsttttt but oh sooo tempting!! I like to hide them as far away as I can!! You know when you have so much new growth and your hair is just so thick at the base and feels sooo unmanageable and there's shrinkage(for us the Texlax) you can be sooo tempted to just want to stretch your hair a little  even if it's just so your hair can lie flat instead of puffing up!! Well this year I fell 4 times- The first in April on relax day, then in June I straightened just the back I left out for the Salon Day out, relax day again end of July and my latest relax day in became a relax day ritual because I was eagerly length checking but now I've seen that I progressed I'll have to lay off these tools if my ends have a chance at also helps that I always use heat protecting serums as well as ceramic coated styling tools.

Deep Conditioning

Over 30 times!! Technically this isn't Heat as it's more steam but I'm driving at a point here. There are about 52 weeks in a year and we have roughly 10 weekends left....meaning about 42 weekends have gone by of the 42 weeks/weekends I deep conditioned my hair with a Hair Steamer almost every weekend at my salon and I can attest to the GREAT benefits of regular DC's ladies!! It just makes your hair more manageable!! Your Hair is brittle and breaking off- Increase your DC's, you are not retaining length- increase your DC's, you feel your hair and it's dry and feels like hay- Increase your DC's!! It makes a world of difference...the only thing is that it doesn't have lasting effects, so the more regular it's done, the better the results! Kabish?!

It was a struggle to come to terms with the fact that MY HAIR HATES (DIRECT) HEAT!! Since I accepted this fact and have focused on keeping my moisture levels high whether it's from mid week co- washes, deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing, I have really seen the quality of my hair improve. You too can keep a Heat Chronicle and tweak it according to what your hair needs...

What other ways can we use heat to our hair and in what ways did you stay heat free this year...feel free to share below.

Have a great weekend People!! If in Lagos, come by the Hub for a DC if you need one, just call 08090613325, I'll be there for a few hours on Saturday :)