Diamond in a rough series;Damatol Medicated Hair, Scalp and Skin treatment.

So I am back again with another hair product I have found that is made in Naija, not packaged here, not imported here but MADE here by our very own. The aim of this series really is to review products to find out if they are diamonds in the rough or just amongst the sea of products that should be trashed with petroleum oil, paraffin and all the bad chemical orshirishi.

Unfortunately this product is deep in that sea!!

 My first encounter with this product was a few months ago when my son's nanny came back from one of her breaks and she was smelling like she had just visited a herbalist!! The smell was strong and pungent...I was like what is smelling? Then she said she had just used this product called Damatol that came highly recommended at a salon she visited while she was off...when I looked at the ingredients of this product I just shook my head!!

B4 I tell you all what's in it, I have to tell you why I decided to write about this product; A few weeks later my Hubs came back from the barbers and guess what he had in his hand??? Damatol!! I literally screamed!! He told me the barber sold it to him and said its the hair treatment men are using now to prevent their hairlines from receding!! Then it was my Mum's turn to be damatolized! Last month on her way to London, my aunt asked her to please bring a product that will work for her hairline and my mum absolutely forgetting that she has a daughter that runs a hair blog...decided to get her a product that came highly recommended from her salon...and it was none other than Damatol!! Now that's when I really panicked!! This product has some how gotten into all circles and it has little or nothing to offer!!( harsh but true).

You want to know the first ingredient it contains?

Petroleum Jelly

The second ingredient?

Mineral oil

The third?


These are all very heavy oils that offer little or no nutrients to your hair but just literally sit on your hair preventing anything else from coming in or going out!! It's bad enough when a product has 1 of these in it but with a product that has 3 of such ingredients you have to wonder how much of the good stuff it really contains.

Well the other ingredients stated include; Shea butter, peppermint oil, coconut oil, menthol, sulphur and 'Damatol concentrate'( what's that?)

As I stated earlier, I really really wonder how much of the good stuff is in this product, just take a look at it!

I know how over bearing Shea butter is, it's really hard to conceal Shea butter when it's in a mix except it only makes up 1% or less of the product, same goes with peppermint oil which has a very strong unmistakeable mint smell and coconut oil. This product smells NOTHING like any of these oils rather it has that pungent sulphur smell which I suspect makes up most of what's in it.

It has absolutely no water in it so it's supposed to be a sealant but with all those insoluble, heavy oils that just sit on your hair and clog your scalp, this product is not ideal as a sealant either!

In sum, this product is NO diamond in the rough!! It has nothing to offer to your hair in the least even if you have dandruff, eczema or ringworm as it claims...the oils won't let it work effectively!Please if you have it or any product with similar ingredients, dump it! This is not a diss to the manufacturers, not at all! It's not the worst product, they just need to take out the bad stuff and put more of the good stuff in there, they can keep the sulphur to treat the dandruff and the menthol to soothe any irritation but they should think of adding tea tree oil, maybe olive oil( its cheap and available), more Shea butter and tell us what the heck Damatol concentrate is! Even if the price tag for the product increases after these changes, their consumers will understand and appreciate it when they start to see that the product actually works! Hmmm Or does it work? If you have used the product and it worked feel free to let us know below but I highly doubt it! So young Lady that asked about this product in the comment form on the 10 THINGS TO STOP RECEDING HAIRLINE POST, hope this post answers your question.

That's that for this month's diamond in a rough series. My next post will be about my very wicked(in a good way) post relaxer weekend hair treat!! Stay tuned for that...

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