The Theory of Terminal Length and Why we can ALL have at LEAST BSL length hair!!

So this post is going to give a lot of naysayers something to ponder about and give NHCG believers more boost!!

Let me start off with the conversation I had with my sister when I started the blog. 

Minx- 'Oju are you not giving people too much hope with this your blog? Is this hair matter not all about our genes?As in some people are born with natural abilities to have long hair and others aren't?'

Me- 'I don't entirely think so minx, while genes have their role to play, I have seen too many hair guru's before pics and you'd have never guessed they could grow long healthy hair. In any case the blog is all about bringing the best out of your hair;if it's full, healthy and neck length after all the TLC, so be it, at least you put in the effort.'

Now that was my position on that issue till LAST WEEK!!
As the avid hair researcher that I love to be, I was browsing through the web and came across THIS article and let me tell you my excitement cannot be contained! 

Let me break down the article to you in my own Naija way so that you can see for yourself Korokoro that we ALL( Black, African, Naija, kinky, Z pattern hair) can have hair that is AT LEAST Bra-strap length long!! 

It's a bold stance, but you will see where my confidence comes from, READ ON...

Basically the writer starts with the explanation of the term 'TERMINAL LENGTH'  which is the time from which a strand of your hair sprouts out from your scalp, goes through the 3 hair phases-(anagen-the growing phase, catagen- the intermediate stage and telogen- the resting stage)  and naturally falls off(sheds). 

The usual terminal length time is from at least 2 years to at most 6years.

Now the length of time your hair takes to reach terminal length be it 2 years or 6 years is decided by your genes. Most people from African decent are within the 2/3 years range while ladies from Caucasian, Asian decent have a longer span of 4/6 years.

So that part we cannot do anything about! 

But you have to think, what does 2/3 years terminal length do for you? Why is that most ladies seem to have stunted growth?- Why are so many ladies at the same hair length for forever?

Okay lets do the math, the first question we should ask ourselves is this;

How many inches of growth do I get each month? For most people it's about 1/2 an inch 

Then you will ask yourself, so how many inches should I grow in a year? For 1/2 an inch of hair that's 6 inches in 12months.

Now if that's the case, how many inches should you grow when you reach your terminal length in 2 years(that's the minimum) -12 inches of hair which is pretty much about BSL hair!!!

Sorry for dragging you through a math class but I want you to see for yourself that getting 12 inches of hair in 2 years should not be a big deal at all and that's for even 'slow growers', ladies who supposedly don't have 'the hair genes'! it should be the standard, as in EVERY NAIJA GIRL SERIOUS ABOUT THIS HAIR ISSUE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE BSL LONG HAIR FOR REALZ, FOR REALZ!!

So the issue then becomes, if the numbers add up so easy why is it that most ladies are not seeing the 12 inches of hair on their heads; if you have been with me on this blog long enough you can guess why! It's the same reason I got the inverted V!!

You see when you start taking care of your hair, formulate a hair regimen, protect your ends etc, you are not going to reap immediate benefits, the ends of your hair which have suffered from all the years of neglect cannot automatically become healthy,  your TLC to your hair would have prevented further damage but the ends most likely have to get trimmed off before they split and break off themselves and depending on how bad the damage is, it may take another few years before you can fully retain the 6inches a year.

Looking at my hair;that's where I have been in 2012 from the start of this year I have cut out about 6 inches of my hair( I cut out about the same amount last year) meaning I was unable to retain the growth due to the pervious damage from color treated over processed ends, When I look at my hair now from root to tip, its worlds apart from in 2009/2010 and I believe I am done cutting and now ready to reap the fruits of my diligent TLC to my hair without any more interruptions.

For me, the interruptions in my healthy hair journey have been damaged over processed ends but for many others its damaged ends topped with that nagging voice that says this is impossible, similar comments, assertions and believe that this is impossible, there is no way and I mean no way they can grow long hair down their back!! That's for mixed chics or girls from Rivers State( that's the reaction I got at my last salon visit; the salon lady goes 'where are you from?' I say 'Rivers State', then she goes 'ah ehen una get hair for that side na!!" Really? Have you seen my many cousins, aunts and even my Grandma's hair?, now there could have been a lady sitting by me hoping her hair could turn out like mine and that statement could have totally discouraged her if she didnt fit the criteria of being a 'Rivers girl!!'. How Wrong!

So am I saying we can have butt long hair like Indian ladies? Maybe if your terminal length is 6 years that's 36inches of hair before it falls off but most likely not but you can have BSL long hair for sure, do you get me? Which Naija girl will not be satisfied with BSL hair!!

 I am throwing the ball in your court ladies, the year is almost over, we have experienced our ups and downs with our hair and you have till December to decide what you want to do to/ about your hair, do you need to get a severe cut so you are left with stronger healthier ends? Do you need to go natural because relaxers are messing with your hair? Do you need a relaxer  because being natural is not doing much for your hair? Decide because come the 1st of January 2013 the NHCG 6inches growth challenge will begin!! 

and its gonna be worth your while!! I will keep you all informed and updated about the challenge but just know that you will receive all the support you can get from this platform and we all together will show those naysayers that whether na Igbo hair or na Delta hair or na Yoruba hair or Hausa, Calabar, Kalabari, Ishan hair- All na Naija hair and it can grow!! If you believe this notion then Ill see you In January by God's grace and We'l grow some hair!!

Stay tuned, I am coming up with all those posts I promised to put up about salon profiles and product reviews!!