Hiya, so it's that time again for a weekend hair treat and this time I will be doing a fruity based conditioning hair smoothie made from Coconut milk/banana /hair conditioner.

Okay, before I tell you all why I choose these ingredients, you need to know what I found out when I was deliberating using SOY MILK in this smoothie instead of coconut milk which I had to settle for. 

I assumed soy milk was good for hair growth like with most natural plant based products only to stumble upon various articles that stated that Soy Milk Indeed SLOWS down hair growth because it may contain too much iodine in it, which can occur due to the manufacturing process and contamination with by-products, and apparently excess amounts of iodine slow down hair growth. (google this if in doubt) They are other adverse effects I read Soy milk can cause but all that is for another post.

So needless to say, I have decided to go with good'ol Coconut milk which contains a unique blend of natural fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals that have the ability to strengthen and fortify cells, and this includes hair cells.

It is rich in protein, essential fats, iron and manganese and these are the elements that are valuable in growth and maintenance of healthy hair, as well as preventing hair loss. When applied topically to the hair, coconut milk provides quick positive results. Hair gets noticeably softer and hair loss diminishes instantaneously.- Livestrong.com

Banana's  contain amino acids that help protect hair from environmental damage and citric acid that makes hair shiny and manageability, it can also be used to curb dandruff(which is good for people dealing with that)


Simply blend a banana in a blender until smooth, add the coconut milk and hair conditioner to it and mix till smooth.

you can tweak the mix by adding oils to the mix or an egg if you'd want to up the protein.

Apply the mix to your hair from root to tip.

Then cover the hair with a shower cap for an hour or more

Finally rinse the mix out with cool water to seal your cuticles.

I will put an update post up after doing this weekend treat- it should go well but we'l see. Keep me updated if you partake too. Sorry this post is coming up late, will work on having future weekend treat menu's get posted earlier!!

Have a great weekend Y'all!! Oh and if you are looking for hair company this weekend, try and make it to the NATURALS IN THE CITY event hosted by Natural Nigerian and Co. More info HERE unfortunately I cannot attend this time because I will be at a wedding.