How's everyone doing? Hope well!!

I'm here with a confession guys, I put this pic up on the gram and had people thinking it was my hair when in fact it's a wig called HEAVEN!!!

It's by Freetress and I absolutely love it! It's a lace front wig and though it is not human hair, it feels and looks like how relaxed hair will look say after a rollerset.

I bought it after I read numerous reviews on how great it looks and how natural it looks and couldn't guys, I'm going through my wig phase all over again but this time I'm focused on getting practical natural looking, easy to style wigs that DON'T COST AN ARM AND A LEG...After I was silly enough to buy the RPG Show Beyonce Wig which I have barely worn, I resolved to only buy affordable wigs moving forward and this wig is just all that I have listed above!!

Once I got it over the weekend, I took the lace off, the parting is very deep and natural looking, all I did was use a bit of concealer on it, didn't have to tweeze it...

Wore my wig cap and VOILA!!

Look at the layers in the bang!!!

It's from the 'SHAKE N GO' Collection so I don't even have to brush it in the morning, I literally just shake and keep it moving!!! It makes for a great every day wig(Protective style), if you work in a conservative office, maybe not in this color which is more like a purplish comes in regular colors like 1b, 2, 4, and 1b/30(highlights) and more...

I wonder who comes up with these names for the wigs because this one is quite apt!! Other wigs I'm eyeing have names like Brezzy (not Chris Brown- *wide grin*), Riley (which I just ordered, can't wait to share here), Vienna, Mitzzy and the list goes on....someone stop me! LOL As usual wigs can be brought in when the monthly import window opens.

Thanks as always for stopping by!!