How's everyone doing? Hope well. I have quite a busy week ahead and tasked myself to churn out all the posts that have been waiting on my memo pad by the weekend then this happened yesterday;

 My Instafam have already seen this picture, this fully wired PHCN pole(here the electricity officials had taken out the wires) was hit by a trailer and fell unannounced in front of my office gate seconds after my car drove into the gate...I'm talking like 5 seconds, if for any reason we paused at the gate, this pole would had fallen on the car, crushed and most likely electrocuted me and my driver....the thought of how God saved my life left me all shaken up and recoiled from my busy life all day yesterday...because at the end of the day NOTHING else would have mattered if I was in a hospital fighting for my life this moment.

Sometimes these types of things happen so God gets our attention and reminds us that He is the ONLY reason why we are still here, we must commit our ways to Him  and pray for direction always. I am beyond thankful to say the least...

Now to this post, I mentioned that I ordered a wig from a company called RPG SHOW , it is the Beyonce inspired bob wig-

Well it finally got here and I recorded a video on You Tube of the unboxing;

VIDEO LINK (Blogger is not finding the video so I have to put up this link, just click and watch).

For those who can't watch, here are a few pictures of the wig as I got it;

Then I dyed it because the color was too jolting for me;
I used Dark and Lovely's radiant cooper dye and Loreal's color mousse;

Applied both...

It looked brownish when wet...

Dried out redish...

Final results...

To blend the lace with my hair line, I used a concealer on the hair part. The wig is light weight, lace is not itchy, hair feels great...What more could I ask for!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Announcing the Awoof tomorrow so stay tuned people!!



  1. WHOA!!! Ah, thank God o!

    As far as the video, you can go to the Youtube video, click on Share, and then you can decide to use the Blogger function which creates a post automatically, OR click Embed and paste the code into your HTML.


  2. Looove the new colour against your skin. Great job.
    The near-death experience...wow. I can only imagine. Thank God you weren't hurt. Life is a precious gift we should be grateful for everyday

  3. Dear Dabs, I thank God Almighty for His Grace in your life, it is experiences such as this that deepens one's spirituality. You have lived to tell the story, keep soaring Girl!

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    I was sure my comment didn't go through (typed an epistle), finally checked (now) from a laptop and alas, my comment didn't come through

  5. I think I just discovered why my comments do not get published.
    This 'prove you're a robot' thing doesn't appear on the mobile device (it used to at some point though)

  6. Wow! Thank God for your life. I love the new color on you, the blonde shade isnt bad either. i wud totally rock that. Please what brand of hair color/dye can i use on my natural hair? I want the reddish and goldish combo Lol. . Please help a sis. God bless. my weight loss blog: www.theshapecube.blogspot.com Thanks.

  7. Oh man...God is good. Period. Your color really looks delish!

  8. It looks way different when wet. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  9. Your wig looks amazing...I like it

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