My wig haul!!

So I took people emailing me asking me if there was something wrong with my blog for me to realize I hadn't posted this....I got some wigs that I love for various reasons....let's get straight to it!

So The first one I got was the last one and they had it only in this color and I was skeptical at first but I decided to just get it and have it be my 'feeling spicy' wig!

The wig is by a brand called Isis, it comes with a 'silk top' and soft lace, the cap construction of this wig is OFF THE CHARTS! By far the most comfi wig cap I've worn out of all my wigs including the super expensive ones like the RPG show one and that is the first reason I love this is inexpensive at less than $100 unit cost.

I also love that the roots are dark so blending any hairline that showed was not a problem...I used some concealer on the parting as you can see...this creates the illusion of a scalp.

The hair itself isn't 100% human hair but human hair blend but surprisingly I have experienced little shedding, itching or tangling that usually happens with synthetic hair...this must be really top grade synthetic as I can curl and straighten the hair with a curling iron....but who needs to,have you seen these curls they created??


These curls are going No- Where anytime soon!!

In know I love this wig and will be repurchasing it in another color, the great thing about inexpensive wigs is when they give way you can replace them without feeling too bad but when you are spending $400/$500 on a wig?? #girlbye (my new favorite ratchet slang LOL)

Now unto the second sis calls it the 'I'm a mummy' wig but I love this wig for times when I want to change things up a bit...

It's by Freetress and is a little cheaper which was great! The hair isn't human either and was quite shinny when I first got it...eek

However as I've rocked it a few times the shine is going and I love the swoop bang and bouncy curls which I feel will look better as they get looser...

The cap isn't that great but not horrible, just basic and lace on it came with an L part which I thought was neat for people who don't want to invest in a full lace front but compared to the silk top you can easily see that it's inferior in making the hair look like it's naturally parted and the hair is growing from my scalp....but stillllll I love iittttt!

As you well know this year it's all about mastering protective styling for me so my hands are not constantly in my hair all the time causing havoc and wigs are the perfect stylish protective style.

For storage, I stuff the cap with the paper that it came with and then I place it back in the pack and slip the picture over the wig so I can see through when I'm choosing

...been storing my wigs that way and they stay fresh...

Finally when on my head, I like the front to pop up like this;

And I use hair spray to keep the shape in tact...

That's all for now ladies....when the import window opens in April or if you need it sooner feel free to order any of these or any wig of your preference I'll see if I can assist, just contact me as usual-