The Perfect Silk Press on Natural Hair

Hiya ladies,
It's been more than a minute since I set foot here! I feel bad!! I'm on a short holiday in Houston and I didn't know how over worked I was until I got here...I am basking in the waking up early, no hours in traffic, none of all the many responsibilities I have back home but I know myself soon I'll be missing life in Lagos and will be itching to get back...enough of me how is everyone doing?! Hope all is well!!

As watching youtube here is much faster and cheaper, I have been enjoying loads of Youtube viewing and recently I stumbled on 'Silk Pressing''s basically straightening natural hair with the perfect amount of heat and the right products...the results are magnificent...

And after watching tonnes of videos and tutorials especially on 4C hair (most coarse hair texture), Naturalistas here are a few tips for any of  you trying to get silky straight hair that will have people questioning if you've had a relaxer or not.

Tip 1- always moisturize and seal and then use a heat protectant...the amount of heat required can lead to damage if not must be blow dried with a paddle brush or the blow dryer comb attachment...this will allow the natural hair to be stretched out fully.

Tip 2- divide hair into sections(preferably 4 sections) and apply a silk treatment/serum(usually weightless and prevents the hair shaft from swelling thereby preventing frizzing and humidity from affecting the hair) to the first section you will be working on...just a dime size will do, Blow dry that section this time with a round brush this will help voluminize the hair, use cool air to help seal the cuticle.

Tip 3- use a very thin cutting comb and section the freshly blow dried section into very thin sections and use a straightening iron at 450 degrees over that section as close to the roots as possible at least twice using the comb chase method(this method prevents tangles and allows the silk treatment to bond with each hair strand).

Once you are done with that section them move to the next section till you are done with the whole head.

Tip 4- Spray the entire head of hair with a light holding spray to prevent fly aways but don't be too heavy handed so the hair has movement. Remember to also sleek the edges with non- alcoholic gel to have the freshly relaxed hair look.

This method of silk pressing will be available at the hub- Savvy & Chic Salon -30 Norman Williams street off Awolowo rd, Ikoyi, Lagos from April as I am currently investigating which silk treatment line will best work for our hair type and weather to give lasting results. So if interested, maybe you want to have straight hair for a change or you'd like to do a length check or you want your hair to blend with a weave then you can get your hair straightened by us.  

Our Contact- 08090613325. Have a great week!!




  1. When I've gathered enough liver to allow heat on my natural hair, I would visit the hub for this

  2. Hi Dabs, just got on your blog. Great work. I have a very bad is so.scanty, light, weak, the front sides have both cut off....Thanks to braids...I want to cut my hair but really scared of how it will look on me. The hair is a little long, like shoulder length.

  3. @Sexy mum, try applyin castor oil to d front sides of ur hair both morning and night then apply emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs every other day for about a month or two. It will repair, strenghten and make your hair even longer. Its advisable to get a wig during dat period or a scarf. You steam your hair with it and don't apply water before applying it. Apply it on your dry hair and leave overnight or till your hair becomes wet. Don't rinse away, just repeat the process for a while...goodlk!

    1. Dnt apply too much...apply on ur scalp n wen done just massage ur hair with a little more

  4. wow this really super. Click on Remy Hair Extensions
    to get more ideas

  5. It's really superb blog posted.........

  6. This is so cool. Unbelievable results. I'm not going to try it right now though. Still trying to get my hair back to life for now. Enjoy your holiday Dabs.

  7. Wow results are amazing. I really want to visit the hub but Ajah to Ikoyi seems so far away for a hair appointment.

  8. Such shiny hair! wonderful results!

  9. Well these days straightening of hairs and making curls with curling iron are famous. I love to make curls when I go in parties, and thanks to my friend who have shared great tutorials with me like how to curl in shoulder length hairs.

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  11. Very informational, but what products did you use because every post I got to they say the same thing, but don't list any of the products they use.

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