Hi Ladies!! How's everyone doing?!! Hope well!! After years and years of buying wigs, on my last trip to the US I was on the hunt for the perfect kinky textured wig, I searched all the beauty supply stores around me to no avail! So I decided I'd make one! 

I wanted it to be human hair not synthetic so it lasts longer...I also wanted it unprocessed (virgin) so it looks as natural as possible!! I found all that was on my check list with the Sensationnel Naked Nature Wet n Wavy hair!

The Naked Nature Collection comes in 5 different curl textures as you can see above as well as different lengths, it also has about 6 to 7 bundles of hair to make one full head! It also comes with a silk base closure if you don't want to leave any hair out.

I got this one;

The Bohemian Curl, got mine in the 10, 12 and 14 inches length bundle. I simply glued the tracks on a wig cap with bonding glue and left out the closure because I wanted my hair left out so it looks more realistic.

The glue worked perfectly fine but if you are going to be wearing this wig everyday then I think sewing the tracks on the cap will work better!

You guys, I LOVE THIS HAIR SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I can't even begin to tell you how superior the hair quality is compared to my other wigs, even the human hair ones that cost a fortune!! This hair at the length I chose is less than $100 but if you choose longer lengths the price increases...regardless I think for the quality the pricing is very moderate!! 

I experienced ZERO shedding with this hair, detangling is a breeze, all you need is water!! The curls clump back together into its wavy state and it's just so beautiful!! I love this hair so much that I am going to get another pack in a longer length this time, I also will be coloring the hair so the color matches my own hair (which is not black) better. 

The thing I love about this hair as a wig is that when I wear it, I don't feel like I am wearing a wig!! It's not heavy or ''wiggy'' and uncomfortable...did I say I love this hair?!! LOL

I am going to be REOPENING IMPORT WINDOWS Ladies!!! Yes you read right, our Naira is some what stable again so let's take advantage of the situation and get those products we have been craving to get from the U.S!! If you'd like to get this hair or any in the collection, next month is a great chance for you!! You can also have it made into a wig upon arrival at SAVVY CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB...Oh and if you have forgotten how the Import Windows work, click this link- HERE scroll down to the very end and get updated or send me an email- daboju@yahoo.com.

Until my next post, I and my Naked Nature wig will be exploring more styling options!!

P.S Remember this post? 5 REASONS TO START A HAIR JOURNEY NOW!! I promised to do a giveaway if I got 10 comments and you guys obliged me :) 

So I will be giving away a Savvy Chic Luxury Satin Sleep cap to one Lucky reader (who can arrange pick up from the hub) simply comment the year I started making these caps. Winner will be picked randomly!!

Thanks for stopping by!