Hiya Ladies,
Yes you read right!! I big chopped, chances that you don't already know this are slim because I put up this picture on Instagram and the Facebook page-

 And the whole place erupted!!! I was half expecting this kind of reaction because though I had been contemplating going natural for a while (Since I had Mimi), I didn't think I could chop all my hair off!! I thought, I'd stretch it out and wait till my hair was long enough!

I'm still in a little shocked that I did this!!


I was hoping I'd stretch to at least 18 months post and then big chop, I was going to make up my mind by my one year post relaxer date and start a transitioning series here on the blog, take everyone along with me on the journey to natural hair and then big chop ceremoniously amidst whistles and virtual confetti, singing and dancing from everyone on the blog because I would have at least eased everyone into this announcement...alas the story was not meant to be told that way!

I came back home last week Thursday, I had just taken out this hair the day before and deep conditioned;

The difference between the new growth and the rest of my hair was doing my head in!! I could not get past how annoying my hair especially at the back was as most of the straight hair had broken off...I was giving myself a pep talk, ''you can do this Oju, just 8 more  months...8 more months?!!!''
 Called my sister and said, Mina I am big chopping today!! I was secretly hoping she would say, don't do it, just hold on! She said the exact opposite!!! She told me I of all people could pull it off and make short hair work...that was all I needed...I went straight from work to the supermarket, bought some products (more on that) and went home, set up the camera and BIG CHOPPED!!!

You can watch it on YouTube Here- 

My heart was racing the whole time!! I couldn't even film cutting off the front of my hair which is the longest part because I was screaming the whole time!! My hubby who is not a fan of short hair was oddly quiet, he was just staring at me...I think, he might still be in shock as I type!

Anyways, I am here to explain my decision to some of you...I had mentioned my desire to go natural to a few of my relaxed/texlaxed friends and followers and the response was don't try it!! At some point, me not going natural became like I had to do so or else?!! I was not enjoying my texlaxed hair again and I wanted a change, a challenge, a new look but as a hair blogger I found myself stuck!! Someone even told me that my hair didn't only belong to me, it belonged also to my followers, a stretch but it had some truth to it. I felt all eyes were on me and making a decision freely about my hair was not possible...I had to break that cycle! I wanted to be free to be the blogger you all grew to love *wide grin* and be able to take you all along with me without feeling inhibited.

I wanted to enjoy being on a hair journey again!! I wanted to discover what my hair likes and doesn't again! I wanted to be able to excitedly blog about a hair product I discovered or a style I conjured...my texlaxed hair had outlived its tenure. After having three babies back to back, the fluctuating estrogen levels had affected my length retention. It was like my hair was yoyoing in lengths all the time and I strongly believe that it was because I had chemically treated more fragile hair.

Another reason, I had Mimi and though her hair is baby soft, taking care of it regularly made me rethink my notion that natural hair was just too much to handle! There are soooooo many great products to choose from that melt away the kinkiest of kinks...as the weeks passed by, I started to take note of how my new growth was feeling after using products, it was not as tough as I used to think it was, it was not as unmanageable as I grew to think it was, I was actually falling in love with the curls!!

I love a challenge and these few days of being natural have come with so many feelings...of regret, of panic, of determination, of excitement, of stress, of love for my curls but at the end of the day, it's too late to turn back now! I have to stay on this course and I as always will take you along!!

For those who think I have nothing to offer them again because they are relaxed and I am natural, you know that is not true!! Remember my mantra HAIR CARE IS HAIR CARE!! Don't deny your hair access to my years of research and knowledge on how to grow healthy long hair because I am natural now! I will keep discovering & uncovering healthy hair tips for everyone, so don't you go nowhere!!

I think what I am most excited about with this new phase is blogging about everything I learn, it's like  I'm in 2011 and just started blogging again!! I'm so excited!!! My next post will be a hair tutorial on how I style my hair and then I have a post planned at the first week mark, called MY FIRST WEEK AS A NATURAL and I plan on doing a length check in the post.

So ladies, who is ready to go on this phase of the journey together with me?!!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I'm with you Dabs! I was just telling my colleagues how my hair just grows to a certain length, and that's it. It happened when I was relaxed, its happening no Ive been natural for 2 n half years. When my friend first sent me a DM of ur post I was shocked!.. but then it sunk in.. this is when I need u the most.. so let's go!

  2. LOL!!! i knew it was coming ...*joking* but i say big welldone!! I've been following you on this blog since its early days and i'm glad you have broken two jinxes, cutting your hair and going natural.
    I'm soo obsessed with length, i feel i have to cut my hair one day to break its power over me!! well that will happen someday, today we join you in your journey and look forward to new length checks.

  3. I'm so with you! I can't wait to see what you do with this new phase. Kudos on your strength. i don't think i ever could, so i guess i'll be living vicariously as a naturalista through you. ;)

  4. Let's go! I've been transitioning for 18 months now and I'm so tempted to big chop but I'm not satisfied with my hair length yet.hopefully,I'll be ready by december when I'll be
    2 yrs post relaxer. Our texlaxed journey is over and I'm so ready to begin another journey with you dabs!

  5. I look forward to all the tutorials you have planned.. Your natural hair journey is already looking good, I love your Curl pattern and you look beautiful.

  6. Congratulations dabs,I will still follow your blog, though I saw this coming,you kept talking about how you love Mimi's curls. I'm definitely with you on this 'new hair journey'

  7. Enjoyed your texlaxed days. i would surf the blog inside out. any ways l knew it was coming. thank God am transitioning though still shaking lol. so happy to walk the journey with you. please do share those products that 'melts the kinkest of kinks lol. you look way younger perhaps thats why oga was quite.lol.
    you are still inspirational

  8. Congrats on your new hair journey, maybe one day you'll loc your hair. Hehehehehe!!!

  9. Welcome aboard the natural ship. I too bigchopped unceremoniously three months ago at eleven months post. I had planned to transition for at least 18 months but one morning after attempting a wash and go on my two textures( don't know what made me think it would turn out great), I decided I didn't like the look of the texlaxed part and chopped them off. I look forward to making this journey with you. (This time I won't be envious of your length... Lol)

  10. Well done babes. I must say u gather liver oooo. I used to cut my hair every year. I never allowed it grow past my shoulders. I didn't do that last year. I wanna have a feel of this long hair thingy.

  11. Thanks ladies!!!!!! I need all the support I can get!!! Let's do this!!!

  12. Well done Dabs!

    I'm just a bit sad that we relaxed/texlaxed hair ladies have lost another one to the Naturalistas!lol Your priority now will be natural hair! LoL! Oh well, enjoy your new journey!

  13. Awww... Dabs come get a hug, it's not so difficult being natural


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