'I love lace wigs, I started selling them when they first came out!! I of course had to show my customers how to style them so I was always using the glue to glue them to my edges...over the past 3 years, I noticed that the hair around my edges are completely gone, the back and the sides too!! I also noticed that I constantly itch the area when I wear the wigs!! What do I do? I need your help!!'

That's an excerpt of the conversation I had yesterday with a client who scheduled to see me concerning her hair line...She is in her 30's, has two teenage kids and asides for indulgence in candy once in a while, her diet is fine and she is fit!! 

So what could be the cause of the hair loss around her hair line & scalp margin? As our conversation went on and I dug deeper, I could see a couple things stick out and I knew the diagnosis had to be Contact Dermatitis!!

So What is Contact Dermatitis-  This is a scalp condition that occurs along the scalp margin characterized by rash or inflamed  or fluid filled 'bumps' usually as a result of allergic reactions to chemicals in hair products like relaxers, dyes, hair sprays, glues, gels etc!! As long as the product continues to come in contact with the scalp, the affected area will be irritated and all that itching and scaring eventually leads to hair loss as the follicles get damaged and in severe cases left untreated, close off (no more hair follicle = no more hair/bald!!)

HOW TO AVOID Contact Dermatitis-

PATCH TEST- When introducing new products to your hair regimen especially when  you are not familiar with the ingredients contained, apply a little of it to a hidden section of the hair and monitor your scalp's reaction to the product before proceeding to apply the product to your entire head!

KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE- If you have sensitive skin, you will most likely have a sensitive scalp. Always know what you are allergic to (the scientific name as well as in lay terms) for instance if you have nut want to avoid products derived from nuts like Shea butter, if an ingredient has listed in it, Shea butter...of course you will know oh I have to avoid that! How about if it lists Butyrospermum parkii as one of the ingredients? well that's Shea butter's scientific name and if you didn't know that, you'd go ahead buy the product and might be dealing with a scalp condition down the line!!

AVOID SCALP BUILD UP- Most hair products are not harmful when used on a clean scalp, the issue then arises when there is build up caused by repeated use of these products!! Think about it, you apply a hair spray or gel to an area of your hair- Monday through Sunday, Week 1, repeat in Week 2 then Week the end of week 3 your scalp has layers of this product mixed with sebum (natural hair oil secretion) and sweat plus dirt if you stay in a dusty environment!! What then happens is that your hair follicles become clogged, no oxygen in, the build up helps encourage the hormone called DHT which is responsible for stunting hair growth, itching starts leading to damage to the scalp and all of that can lead to various scalp conditions of which Contact Dermatitis is one!!

In summary, I advice that we become more aware of what we use on our hair as most of us do when it comes to our skin! A client of mine said to me that she can't remember when last she applied hair lotion to her hair, I said, but you remember when you applied BODY LOTION to your skin! She goes, yes oh!! That one is everyday! Do you want me to age?!! Oh so you know your skin will age if you don't apply lotion, how about your hair!!

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