Dear Blog readers,
This announcement has been a loooonnnngggg time coming!!!! I am so happy that I finally got the opportunity to become a certified Trichologist. For those who don't know what that is, Trichology is the study of the science of hair and the scalp with focus on related conditions that affect it's over all health and well being.

I literally stumbled on the opportunity late December when renowned Trichologist Dr. Kari Williams was offering the certification course for the new year...I had contacted her practice sometime early 2016 but at the time, they replied that they were not offering the course till much later and would keep me posted...the funny thing though, before they contacted me, I already stumbled on the announcement!! I was ecstatic...finally, I would get the chance to gain  a deeper knowledge of hair care and speak from a place of confidence about hair and the whole science that backs it!!

It was no walk in the park my dears!! I had so much reading to cover, had to log on to virtual classes and take notes like I was back at school and I have been away from school for close to ten years!! I was up for the challenge though!! At night when all the kids and my hubs had settled in, I would whip out my note pad and begin class...the beginning was HARD!! I am a Lawyer, so science courses, I did not take back at school...the introduction till about half way of this course was all science, the cell, endocrine system, bones, hormones etc...in my mind I was like, where do we talk about hair loss oh!! I soon realized the importance of the introductory part...it was building the foundation for the main topic- hair and scalp...every single component of our body is so beautifully intertwined and dependent on the other that it left me just in awe of God our creator!!

Finally after a certification exam, I got the certification to be a Trichologist as bestowed by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and I have already began my practice at Savvy Chic Hair Beauty Hub

When you visit, I will be able to make a diagnosis and recommendations as well as provide you with treatment remedies (where applicable) for the following;

Scalp bacterial infections like- Eczema, Ring worm, Seborrhoea, Contact Dermatitis
Diffuse Thinning
All kinds of Alopecia (Hair Loss)-  Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia, Alopecia Oophiasis, 
Androgenic Alopecia
Hair Anatomy conditions that may affect hair growth like- Pili Torti, Pili multigemini, Trichonodosis (single strand knots).
And lots more...

Some of the products for treating scalp conditions...

My First Client- I will be keeping her identity private, she is in her 30's and has early onset of Androgenetic Alopecia characterized by a progressive balding/hair loss, miniaturization of the hair follicles at the top to the crown of the head while the back (Occiput) remains unaffected...

Though she is genetically predisposed to this condition as her mother and sister both are experiencing this type of hair loss, we have started out with a plan to slow down the rate of hair loss using both medical and mechanical remedies, I hope to see a decrease in the amount of hair lost in the next 6 months and will bring an update here...

Basically, a Trichologist will answer those nagging hair questions you have had about your hair and any conditions affecting it's health you may have, the answers are all backed by science, you may not always get immediate results, but certain changes can be made to make the present condition much better.

If you'd like to meet with me for a one on one consultation or you'd like to recommend someone with a prevalent hair/scalp condition, please call 08090613325 to schedule an appointment and I will be sure to fit you/them into my schedule. 

Thank you all for your support in advance!!