How to achieve shinny sealed ends!!

How's everyone doing? Hope well. So the other day, I was just browsing on youtube when I came across a video on sealing ends, clicked and found the procedure to be quite interesting.

What's the fuss about Sealing?

With our weather, maintaining well moisturized hair especially the ends can be a challenge but when your ends are properly sealed, the moisture is locked in for much longer which in turn prevents split ends from being formed or splitting further up the hair shaft. 

So back to this procedure....the regular procedure of sealing generally entails just applying a small amount of oil to your ends...shikena!!

With this procedure, you will need some aluminium foil and a hair straightener together with your oil of choice.

Step one is to section your hair and apply the oil from your mid shaft to your tips(don't drown your tips with oil, moderation is key).

Step two, you wrap the hair right above where you applied the oil with some foil.

Step three, you clasp a warm straightener( you can either put the straightener on for a while and unplug just before use or like I did, use the straightener on low heat) around the foil and press down letting the straightener and foil glide slowly down to your tips.

The warmth from the foil will warm the oils on your tips, aiding quicker absorption and more lasting shine without the risk of any heat damage because first of all the straightener is NOT HOT but warm and the foil serves as a barrier from direct heat.

P.S- if you see any trace of smoke coming from the straightener then you are using too much heat, if your ends don't look smoother and shinier? You haven't used enough 'heat' or oil.

I tried this technique and it left my ends really really shinny and slightly straighter, not enough to look like straightened hair though since my roots were left alone but enough for my comb to glide through smoothly!!

Try it out if you are having a hard time maintaining moisture and shine and please be sure to let me know how it goes!!




  1. Hmmn! Interesting, might give this a try!

  2. Will this work with completely unrelaxed hair?

    1. Yes, the person in the video I watched had natural hair.

  3. Hello Dabs. Waiting with baited breath for your review of Olaplex...

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  5. Just in time for the incoming winter down here. Thank you!

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