Mitaire's 3 Months Old Hair Update!

Yes oh my country people, even Mitai gets hair updates on NHCG how else will I stay accountable!LOL

Anyways, ladies I'm just so happy that my little princess from the way it seems took my hair genes and I'm not about to let them go to waste!!

So far here are a few things I have been doing...

I use regular baby wash on her hair every day at bath time so I haven't introduced proper shampoo yet not for any particular reason though, I just haven't seen enough build up on her scalp to require shampooing.

I proceed to apply either the Savvy Chic whipped to perfection Shea butter which by the way now comes in family size 32oz tubs (as I Like to call them because now everyone from my boys to me and hubs uses them), I massage the whipped Shea butter onto her wet locks...

Or sometimes I will use a combination of R and R luxury Shea oil(love. It) on her scalp and then apply to the rest of her hair this Eden Body works coco Shea Berry curly Creme which is for kids but you know mama has to share everything, so I use it too!LOL

Finally, I finger detangle...I don't comb her hair during the week because no styling goes on then but at weekends I will comb and style but always with this wide tooth comb...

Another thing I've stuck to doing is always laying her hair on a satin covered pillow as she grew out of her satin lined beanie I made for her. So even when she is on her little mobile chair, the satin cap covers the little head rest that came with the chair...that's how much I believe in satin, it truly prevents friction and dryness which often leads to breakage! If you look closely at the back of Mimi's hair you can see it's still straight while the rest of her hair has curled up, well I've observed that the area that is straight right at the back tends to be dryer and so I've focused on moisturizing that area nightly before she sleeps even if she is sleeping on satin.

All in all I'm quite a happy mama and hope I stay that way as Mimi grows older, her next update will be when she is 6 months by God's grace....hopefully I'd have stopped shedding because right now I'm like a hair monster shedding BALLS OF HAIR guys, it's horrible...just look-

It's so hard to come to terms with the concept that all this shedding is normal and just nature taking it's course...

Oh well, rant over, post over...I'm presently editing really fun vlogs as I've had quite a busy past few weeks so stay tuned, my next vlog will be up here next weekend.

Thanks as always for stopping by!