How's everyone doing? Hope well...I'm finally back home and will be uploading all the posts from my note pad back to back...this is the first post up. 

On the 22nd of August I had the honor of being the bridal hairstylist to one of my closest pals and I must say it was a nerve wrecking/ fun experience!!

A few weeks prior to the big day, she came by the house and we looked through a few hairstyles on the internet and settled on this one;

A simple low bun, sleek bow with a side swoop...she came by the house again for a trial and this time she wanted the hairstyle  modified so that it didn't cover her forehead, home girl did not want anything distracting her vision or hair sticking to her forehead as she danced with the Hubs!!

So we got to work, the main challenge was how to get the low bow to look well formed and stable and I knew right away that it will require lots and lots of bobby pins and hairspray;


THE D DAY; I got to her hotel suite really early, all her bridesmaids were there and some friends so there was abundance of gist which was great but very distracting!! She gave me till 8 am to finish so I put my game face on and brought the hairspray out, straightened the leave out which was all around, sleeked out her hair (I would have loved to supervise the fixing of the weave though to ensure it was completely flat, I had to deal with some bumps here and there) and started to create my bow...

For the bow all I did was put the hair in a ponytail, use some hair on the left and swooped it over the center, pinned the end of the swoop to the base of the center, repeated that step with some hair on the right and then pin curled the hair in the center of the ponytail upwards and secured with a pin making sure the bow was well fanned out and secured then I used hair spray and ecostyler gel to sleek it all out... Here are pics;

All in all I had an amazing time getting the hair done, was I done at 8 am... well 8:05 am was more like it, LOL. For a first time experience I would rate myself a solid 7 and hopefully improve as more brides come along!! :)

Was my version of this hairstyle close enough? Any experienced bridal stylists in the house? Feel free to share tips!!

Thanks for stopping by,